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EP 239: Five Minute Domino Effect

EP 239: Five Minute Domino Effect

Got 5 minutes to make your life a little better? Learn a value lesson? Take some time for YOU to feel some things? GREAT! Today in about five(ish) minutes I’m telling you how I broke down a life lesson for my kids using a set of dominoes. It was a real winning moment for me- the kind where you want to high five yourself for thinking on the fly and actually seeing lightbulbs come on in their minds!

Inspo for the episode? My kids taking 3 hours to do a chore that should have taken FIVE MINUTES. So we’re just all kinds of smart today plugging my lesson about 5 minutes onto a five minute episode! Is my using five and 5 interchangeably stressing anyone out? #yayhomeschool!

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If you’re now in the mood to play with Dominoes- I found some on Amazon here–  DOMINOES SET FOR KIDS

And if you’re in the mood to EAT Dominos- I support that decision too. It is Friday after all!

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