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EP 243: How To Work From Home With Your Husband with Corrine Stokoe

EP 243: How To Work From Home With Your Husband with Corrine Stokoe

Today I have another episode that was originally going to air on the podcast “Full Time Family”- a whim I had months ago. I decided to instead present it as a series here within Marvelous Moms to keep all the great content in one easy to find place!

I had Corrine on the podcast YEARS ago, she was on episode 73 which you can find in the links below. It’s so fun to go back and talk to former guests again and see where they’re at now. If you don’t remember Corrine, she’s the creator of Mint Arrow! Be sure to check out those links below as well. And of course, listen to this episode because that’s one of the main things we’re talking about.

So, what exactly did we talk about today?

  • Following the Spirit for decisions big and small (God/intuition/whatever higher power you believe in!)
  • Knowing when you need extra help with your business
  • How to integrate family life with being a work-at-home couple
  • Including your kids in your business
  • and much more!

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Thanks for listening- have a marvelous day!




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