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EP 245: How to Find Your Space in the World with Nikki Elledge Brown

EP 245: How to Find Your Space in the World with Nikki Elledge Brown

Happy Monday, Marvelous Moms! How’s everyone doing with all the holiday planning? I swear no matter how much I think I’m prepared for this time of year, it’s always WAY crazier than I remember!

Today’s episode is with the lovely Nikki Elledge Brown, who describes herself as “a self-proclaimed word nerd, military spouse, former park ranger, college professor, and mom of two, known online for her quirky-yet-super-practical teaching style and refreshingly honest reflections on the realities of parenthood + entrepreneurship.”

Interested? Thought so. Listen to our chat because Nikki has tons of golden nuggets to share, like:

  • What makes you special
  • Being present
  • Making your future self grateful for your current self
  • and of course… how to find your space in the world!

You’ll love this one, promise.


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