Ep 29: What does it mean to be MARVELOUS?

So here you are in The Marvelous Moms Club. And you might be wondering, “Hey! What IS a Marvelous mom anyway? Am I one?” Well today I’m breaking down my version of Marvelous and what I think each letter of that marvelous word stands for!

M- Miraculous A- Aware R- Receptive V- Vulnerable E- Excited! L-Learning O-Open U- Understanding and S-SMILING! Listen to how I break each one of these down today and leave a comment below if you think you are MARVELOUS!

Tune in to find out if you have some of the attributes and qualities of a marvelous mom (or ALL of them)! My guess is that if you’re here listening you probably do. In fact I KNOW you do. And you need to start believing you do!