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Ep 29: What does it mean to be MARVELOUS?

Ep 29: What does it mean to be MARVELOUS?

So here you are in The Marvelous Moms Club. And you might be wondering, “Hey! What IS a Marvelous mom anyway? Am I one?” Well today I’m breaking down my version of Marvelous and what I think each letter of that marvelous word stands for!

M- Miraculous A- Aware R- Receptive V- Vulnerable E- Excited! L-Learning O-Open U- Understanding and S-SMILING! Listen to how I break each one of these down today and leave a comment below if you think you are MARVELOUS!

Tune in to find out if you have some of the attributes and qualities of a marvelous mom (or ALL of them)! My guess is that if you’re here listening you probably do. In fact I KNOW you do. And you need to start believing you do!



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  • You are a Marvelous Mom!!! Even as a man I enjoy listening to your podcasts and hearing what you and other Mom’s are doing and going though.
    Love you so much and am very proud of the Mom and Wife you are.

    Thank you for your good example to your kids and your sisters.



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