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Episode 007: The Journey to Motherhood with Lauren Casto

Episode 007: The Journey to Motherhood with Lauren Casto

Lauren Casto, one of my very best friends, is on the podcast today talking about her journey TO motherhood. For many it is more than just a decision to have children, but rather a decision to work as hard as possible and do whatever is necessary to become a mother.  Lauren faced a long road of heartbreak, obstacles and challenges, but has now been blessed to hold the title of MOMMY! You’ll get chills as you hear how she finally came to be a mother, and then again as she was blessed with yet another beautiful son.

I admire the heck out of Lauren and love seeing her little boys on snapchat every day. They are full of energy and are SOOOO cute! She is embracing her new role with so much grace and style, I just had to chat with her for all to hear! And as promised Lauren, here’s a list of things that make YOU a marvelous mom.

Your fierce love for those kids. You’d do ANYTHING for them and that shines through in your every day parenting.

The fact that you are already instilling passion for music into your sons. I love the video of them sitting there just absorbing the music they are listening to.

You gave up working and a little more $$$ to be home with those little dudes! One of the biggest sacrifices moms make!

The adventures you are already taking them on and how you’re showing them the world around them.

The time you give them, playing with them every day, and making it look so FUN to moms like me.

The fact that a lot of nights you are doing bed time routines alone. With two boys. Who are both technically still babies. 🙂

Your never-ending UNIQUENESS and the fact that even as a mother you stand out from the rest! Your spirit, your passion and your positive outlook. Lauren is the FRIEND to call when you need someone to set you straight and remind you how great life is.

Your perspective, which includes your talented eye for photography and your ability to capture beautiful moments! Lauren has been photographing my family since the start and even captured the birth of my sweet daughter Felicity! Check out her work HERE!

I’m now being interrupted by my OWN children so this list will have to grow in a future post. I love you Lauren and everyone else- you’re so lucky you get to listen to her for even 25 minutes of your life because I think she’s GREAAAAAT! 🙂

Find Lauren HERE!

Have a great Tuesday!


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  • ❤️! La your such a awesome mom! Thanks for sharing!!! Yes u made me cry, special place in my heart for adoption ?


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