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Essentials for a Long Flight with Kids

Essentials for a Long Flight with Kids

It is so fun going on an adventure as a family! Traveling to new places and seeing new things is so exhilarating! But sometimes getting there can be the pits. Having to fly long distances with littles can be overwhelming and tiring. After traveling to 17 countries with our family, we’ve realized that we always need to pack certain things to make our flights go more comfortably. Here are essentials for a long flight with kids that you might want to pack on your next trip…

Electronic Device

Every parent has their own opinion and rules for screen time with their kids. Regardless if you’re strict or lenient, bringing an electronic device for your child on a long flight is a must! It can bring hours of entertainment and can bring peace of mind to you and the people around you =) 

Make sure to download shows (whether they’re educational or just entertainment) before you go. Put movies, shows, episodes…all the things on the device before you get to the airport so your child has a lot of options to choose from.

Not only can you watch shows on the device, but you can play educational games, fun games, create pictures, type stories, so many things! Make sure all those fun apps are on the device before takeoff. Screen time doesn’t have to be mindless. Give your child lots of options that will keep him/her entertained throughout the flight.


Please, please pack headphones or earbuds for your child’s device! Nobody wants to hear Dora the Explorer on full blast throughout the airplane. =)


Don’t forget a charger for the device! There’s nothing worse than finding out midflight that your device is dead. Most planes have either an outlet for your plug or an adapter for your device that you can charge with. You don’t want to run out of juice!


Flying can sometimes be painful for kids’ ears. We always make sure to have gum so they can chew to help pop their ears during take-off and landing. 


Don’t rely on the plane snacks! You never know how much they’ll cost or what the variety will be. Pack some of your child’s favorite snacks or even pack some new ones. It’s no fun being stuck on a plane and being hungry!

Water Bottle

The beverage cart comes around infrequently so it’s nice to have your own water bottle to stay hydrated during the flight. Although, make sure to empty it before going through security and then refill it near your gate before you board the plane.

Travel Pillow

It’s easy to get sleepy on the plane, but it’s not easy to get comfortable! Bring a travel pillow for your child so they can plop their head on the arm rest or your lap and get some much-needed sleep comfortably. 


Planes can be chilly, so pack a blanket. It will keep your child warm and it will also come in handy when they want to go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be big…a small lap blanket will do.


If they get tired of watching shows or playing games, bringing a book that they love is another great way to keep them entertained. You can either bring a physical book or have one downloaded on your device. Pick something that will keep their interest.

Crayons & Notebook

Having a hands-on activity like good ol’ crayons and paper is always a good idea to have! They can use their creativity and draw pictures, play games, or write stories. 

When keeping your kids happy and comfortable on a long flight, make sure to pack simple things that will entertain them and help pass the time. There’s no need to pack the entire home, just pack a few things that will keep their interest and help make it a quick trip! 

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