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Finding Joy in Motherhood

Finding Joy in Motherhood

Here’s a glimpse of my morning as a mom to 3 young girls:

Everyone awake before 7:00 am, including our rambunctious puppy.

Milk spilled all over the tile floor for the third time that week from my 3 year old because she was faced backwards on the barstool watching Sofia the First (that she begged and begged to watch and I didn’t have the energy to negotiate).

Food thrown on the floor because my toddler has decided she doesn’t want to eat what she used to love.

Running late for the bus and my Kindergartner decides she doesn’t like how I did her hair so she takes it all out.

Meanwhile our puppy is outside running through the sprinklers then proceeds to play in the sand pit. Wet paws + sand = muddy stinky mess.

Bathing the dog while my baby gets ahold of a marker in sister’s room and proceeds to draw all over the walls, bed sheets and herself. Luckily it was washable. Bath for her too.

How was your morning…???

Amidst the chaos of raising young children, I have learned it IS possible to find joy in motherhood even on hard days. It’s all about your attitude and perspective. I characterize myself as a realist and pessimist by nature. It isn’t always easy for me to look on the bright side, especially when a child vomits all over the carpet or throws a huge melt-down in the middle of a Target check-out line. Motherhood can seem like such a daunting and monotonous task day in and day out. The routine of it all doesn’t necessarily bring happiness in every moment, but it does bring joy. Joy because I am looking outside of myself and serving my children and husband. Joy because I am the one they come to when they are hurt or having a rough day. Joy because I get to prepare their meals for their beautiful growing bodies and minds. Joy because I am their mother. What a blessing that is! If I get too caught up on what motherhood should look like and try to aim for perfectionism, my day is lost. Motherhood is messy and imperfect, but it is so beautiful, even when milk is spilled all over the kitchen floor…There’s no use crying over spilt milk anyway!

By Cassidee Edmunds


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