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How to Entertain Your Kids on a Road Trip

How to Entertain Your Kids on a Road Trip

Summer is the perfect time to road trip as a family! There are so many great places to see all within driving distance. Even though driving can be convenient and a great family adventure, it can be tricky keeping your kids happy for a long time….am I right?! Here are some simple tips on how to entertain your kids on a road trip so everyone is happy when you get to your destination!

I don’t know about you, but I hate having a messy car! Our family likes to pack as little clutter as possible so we can help keep that mess at bay…but let’s be real, it still ends up a mess no matter how hard we try! So instead of packing all the bits and bobs and trinkets, we keep it simple. Most of these ideas can be done with just an electronic device.

Listen to Music

Make a playlist of music that you all love. Music that you can jam out to, dance to, sing to, and have fun with! Music from your favorite movies or favorite bands. Having good music can really help pass the time quickly.

Listen to Audio Books

Listening to audio books is so fun as a family! You can either buy some audio books online or borrow them for free from your local library. Pick books that everyone in the family will love. It’s a great way to not be tied to your device and enjoy something as a family. If it’s hard to agree on a book as a family, then each person can have their own audio book on their device that they can listen to. Either way, it’s a great way to help the time go quickly!

Play the License Plate Game

My kids love playing the license plate game where they try to spot as many different license plates from all the states. A great app to keep track of plates is called State Hunt. It will keep their eyes peeled out their windows and entertained for hours!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?! Try doing one in the car! You can find so many great scavenger hunts by searching on Pinterest. They are so great for entertaining your kids on the road!

Here’s a great one for young kids:

Here’s a great one for tweens & teens:

Read Books

Not only can you listen to books, but you can read books on the road….as long as they don’t get car sick! Make sure to visit the library or hit up a bookstore before you leave to stock up on some new books for each kid. Or, if you want to cut back on the clutter, download eBooks from your local library for each device. It will give them some good quiet time and a chance to read something new and exciting.

Have a Variety of Snacks

Every kid is happier when they have good food to eat, right?! It is crucial to have lots of snacks when you’re on a road trip. Lots. And lots of variety of snacks. Don’t binge on the junk food because that will just make everyone cranky. Make sure to pack fruits, veggies, crackers, finger foods. It does take prep work on your part before your trip, but trust me, everyone will be much happier when you have made the effort.

A great way to keep the food sorting easier when you’re in the car is to give everyone their own bag. And in each bag you have an assortment of snacks that they get to choose from. This makes it easier for you as a mom and it gives them the choice and accountability of what to eat. If they’re older and they have good judgement, they can choose when to eat and how often. If they’re younger, you can let them choose a snack every hour or a certain set time.

Watch Movies

Watching movies is always an easy way to pass the time! If you don’t want your kids glued to their screens, then limit the amount of movies they can watch. Have them do all the other ideas first and then they can watch a movie.

Hopefully with these tips, you can pass the time quickly and entertain your kids when you’re on the road. Make it fun!

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