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How to Keep Your Kids Happy When Hiking

How to Keep Your Kids Happy When Hiking

Hiking is such a great family activity! But, raise your hand if you’ve attempted to go on a family hike and your kids just whined and complained the whole time! I think we’ve all been there. Here are some ideas on how to keep your kids happy when hiking so you’ll want to keep doing it.

Pack Snacks

I cannot stress this enough!! Packing snacks, and lots of snacks, is so important! Hiking can burn off lots of energy really quickly so it’s important to have lots of snacks to refuel that energy. Have a good variety of snacks. Snacks like fruits, veggies, nuts, granola bars, crackers, fruit leathers… You can never have too many!

Pack Water

You can never have too much water either when you’re hiking. Pack lots of it! You will be amazed at how much you’ll drink along the way. As long as you are well fed and well hydrated, you will all be oh so much happier!

Play Games

Playing games while hiking is a great way to pass the time. Games like scavenger hunts, word games, riddles, chants, 20 questions, geocaching… When you make a game out of it, it will be so much more fun and memorable!

Get them to Talk About Something they Love

This is such a great trick! When your kids start to complain, ask them about one of their favorite sports, video games, or books and they will talk your ear off! They will be so busy talking that they won’t even have time to think about complaining about hiking.

Give them Something to Look Forward To

I am not above a bribe! Or if you want to refer to it as positive reinforcement, that works too! If your kids know that there is something fun or something yummy waiting for them after a long hike, then they are more likely to do it with a happy attitude. Good encouraging ideas would be: a family swim party, an ice cream cone, family movie night, hiking gear to add to your collection…

Put these hiking tips into practice on your next hike and I guarantee you’ll have happier kids that will want to do it again and again!

How to keep your kids happy when hiking


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