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How to Pack a Traveling Wardrobe Capsule for Kids

How to Pack a Traveling Wardrobe Capsule for Kids

Traveling as a family can be so much fun! But packing for a trip is not so much. Getting everyone’s clothes, shoes, undies, all the things ready can be overwhelming. It can take hours, even days to get completely ready for your vacay. Once you learn how to pack strategically though, it becomes much easier. And it makes your time on your trip so much more enjoyable because you’re not taking care of and keeping track of all the clothes. Here are some tips on how to pack a traveling wardrobe capsule for kids so it makes your life easier, you pack less, and you can enjoy your time more!

When packing a traveling wardrobe capsule, the key is to pack as little as possible. Who wants to lug around all the things?? Who wants to do all that laundry when you get back…because you know if you pack it, it will get dirty! Pack what you need and pack smartly. These tips will help you pack just what you need so you’re not over packing. 

Check the Weather

The very most important part in packing a wardrobe capsule is checking the weather before you start! Take a look at what type of weather your destination will have. There’s no sense in packing jackets if the weather will be hot and sunny the entire time. Or you don’t want to pack shorts when the weather will be chilly. Be smart and take a few minutes to do a little research so you can pack accordingly. 

Pick a Color Scheme

Next, you want to pick a color scheme. Pick clothing items that are color coordinated so you can wear things interchangeably. When I’m packing my kids’ suitcases, I make sure that the colors I’m packing can be worn with different tops and bottoms. Don’t limit yourself by packing crazy colors so nothing matches or they can only wear a shirt with one bottom or vice versus. Make sure tops and bottoms have a similar color scheme so they can be mixed and matched easily. 

Choose Versatile Pieces

Along those same lines, pack pieces that are versatile. If you have the same color scheme, you should be able to mix and match shirts, shorts, and pants easily. You want their wardrobe to be flexible and multipurpose. For instance, pick a shirt that could be worn with shorts or pants to change up the look. 

Pack Layers 

Weather can be a tricky bugger. Some places it can be very cool in the morning and then warm in the afternoon. So pack layers that can be easily taken off or added. It’s best to pack a lightweight jacket for those cooler times.

Other Tips

To limit the amount that you pack, plan on bringing some laundry soap pods so you can hit up a laundromat or use the hotel/Airbnb washing machines during your trip. This will help you pack less and have clean clothes partway through your vacation. We like to pack a mesh laundry bag to collect dirty laundry and then haul it to the laundromat easily. It takes up little space and makes your life easier.

If you use these tricks, you will learn to be a better packer! You can pack just what you need and still be prepared. There’s no need to pack everything and the kitchen sink on your next trip! Pack less so you have less to worry about.

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