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How To Shop IG Baby Fashion On Amazon

How To Shop IG Baby Fashion On Amazon

If you’re looking for affordable modern baby clothes, look no further!
You know that feeling when you see an adorable baby outfit on someone’s Instagram, so you click the tag, and it leads you to some crazy expensive overpriced baby boutique? You sigh thinking, “no way can I justify buying that” or maybe you do justify buying it, and then you get it and realize how fast your baby is going to grow out of it, and you wish you never spent such a lump sum of money for your rapidly growing baby. Well…I’ve been there, done that, and now I’m always trying to find “dupes” (cheaper but similar to the higher price tagged item).
In this post specifically I’m going to cover key words to search on amazon so you can find modern baby clothes without spending a fortune.

First search that is really trendy right now: “Linen”
Everyone is loving the look, including me, but it does come at a price. So, to have the look but with an affordable twist AND prime shipping just search “linen baby clothes” and a pretty good amount of options come up. I’ve ordered a few things and most of them are made in China. They are still pretty good quality and some things aren’t always true to size so make sure to read reviews!
This is one of my favorites, I bought it for my nine-month-old who weighs about 16 pounds, size 0-6 month!

Second search: “Knit baby clothes”
With this search you will see a lot of stuff that is actually exactly the same as what boutiques will sell. There are some really good, thick quality things and they are even prime shipping
Here is one of my favorites from this search.

Third search: “Ribbed baby clothes”
My favorite one of them all, probably because it’s my favorite trend for my cute little babes. I’m sure you’ve seen these pajamas all over Instagram and they do in fact live up to their hype! They’re stretchy, soft, cute colors, and good quality. The price tag is nice too considering some places are selling these exact jammies for $25-$30.
Click here for the cutest jammies!

Another favorite from this search are these adorable leggings! They fit snug right to their legs and show all those cute rolls.
They come in sizes 0month-1 year, 1T-2T etc. I ordered the 0-1 for my three-month-old and they fit her perfectly and have stretched with her as she has grown! Plus even Target can’t beat the price!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found something you love! For more deals follow “Desi’s Daily Deals” on Instagram.


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