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Lifesavers For Your Summer Road Trip!

Lifesavers For Your Summer Road Trip!

Hey mommies! Anyone planning a trip to visit grandparents or are you embarking on a fun summer vacation adventure? Will you be spending lots of hours in the car or on an airplane trying to keep little ones occupied and happy? We are moving across states next week and I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of things we can do in the car besides watching movies on the iPad! I found some awesome toys and ideas today and wanted to share them with you! We all know how much more fun road trips are when mom and dad can actually have some quality conversation and keeping little hands and mouths busy is KEY for that magic to happen!

My 4 year old is a HUGE puzzle enthusiast and I think this may be the next best thing for him:

A magnetic set with 24 magnet pieces and two scenes to place them on!

I think every item in this set looks super fun and would totally buy it for the variety factor! I have one kid who gets bored with one task after not long and it would be fun to have multiple items to choose from to play with!

Have you guys seen these? Even better than a magnadoodle- this thing lets you write on it with basically any non permanent writing device, and you erase with the tap of a button! It’s so fun and a must have for car rides long or short!

Very similar to the Boogie Board above, this is a really fun scratch toy, scratch the images to see what you can reveal! Can keep little hands busy for a while!

Who doesn’t love this classic game? My kids love the memory game in all its varieties and this travel sized version is perfect!

For keeping it all organized and together, this awesome travel “desk” has it all! A nice flat surface for coloring and creating that lays right over the lap, and pockets on the sides to keep snacks or crayons or other activities in!

This is great for the younger traveler, I would worry about pieces dropping over and over but it could be a fun short term distraction!

In addition to that nice mobile desk station this is a perfect way to keep EVERYTHING in arms reach for the little ones! Sling it right over the back of your seat for easy access to toys, snacks, drinks and more!

Just in case little ones get sleepy, there’s nothing worse than those kinked necks in car seats and booster seats! Get a fun kid-sized travel pillow for them to enjoy a relaxing nap! My boys would eat this one up- I’m totally buying it!

Nobody will be able to relax and rest if the sun is shining in their eyes! Make sure to have these easy adjustable window shades for different times in the day when the tinting on the car just doesn’t cut it!

I love a good game and “Would You Rather” is one of my favorites! This is the perfect card game to prompt some crazy silly answers for the older travelers and mom and dad!

 I think this idea is super genius, a travel box filled with little wooden tokens that name an activity to do to stay busy while on the plane or even in the car! You could DIY this very easily with a shoe box and some sturdy card stock!

I’ve never played this game but honestly after looking into it think it’s right up my alley. Involving your fellow road mates in the game is the best part and I am already giggling at the thought of playing!

I thought I’d throw this one in just in case you have stops along the way! The perfect sleep solution for littles so they don’t end up on the floor or in bed with you!

I hope you all have safe and fun summer travels! Let me know what else you love to take with you while traveling! I’d love to hear your ideas!




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