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Make A MESS! Art Supplies For Kids

Make A MESS! Art Supplies For Kids

Painting, coloring, and all things messy are an important necessity at our house! My daughter Felicity LOVES to get out the paints and brushes to create masterful works of art. As a mom, I love that it’s a fast set up and quick clean up thanks to some of these essentials!


Art Smocks

Rather than spend a lot of money on cute smocks that will just get dirty, I buy a multi-pack of large white shirts for my kids to slip over their clothes, like this 5-pack on Amazon:


Washable Paint

Even though the kids are covered, that doesn’t mean you want to risk anything around them being permanently damaged! Anyone ever experienced the terror of a child running through the house with fresh paint dripping from their hands? Make sure it’s washable!

I love getting bottles with squeeze tops which prevent overuse or messes, like this 6-pack from Crayola:


Storage Bins:

I like to keep our painting supplies in two separate containers. One just for the paints and the other for supplies and tools!

These are so great and come with lids, so they can be stacked!

Brushes and Cups:

I like keeping all of the non-paint supplies in a separate bin, and if it’s time for you to refresh the collection, this set I found on Amazon includes cups with lids to keep water in! I have always used red solo cups or something simple, but these are brilliant!

The Best Way to Clean up Messy Art

The Best Way to Clean Up Messy Art


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