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Marvelous Mom Birthday Must Haves!

Marvelous Mom Birthday Must Haves!

Get ready to party, moms! It’s Kirsten’s birthday week! Whether you have a friend, family member, or your own birthday coming up, here are some daily gifts you can gift yourself or your friends. After all. we deserve a week full of goodies, fun, and AT LEAST one birthday brunch!

Double wall tumblers- enough said! These durable cups are the best thing since sliced bread, while keeping your drink cold all night long.


Eat your cake, and bathe in it too! These yummy cupcake-scented bath bombs are a luscious addition to your bathroom- plus these bath bombs double as a bubble bath.


Adult coloring books are still a favorite over here at Marvelous Moms Club, especially if they are full of momisms! Get your color on with this fun, snarky book!


Sorry Marilyn, diamonds aren’t always a girls best friend. This amethyst pendant is beyond gorgeous, in all of its glimmering glory!


Get the party started with some music! Don’t be that person with a killer party without some of your crew’s favorite hits. Get this Bluetooth speaker that has quality beyond its price point!

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