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Memorial Day Crafts and Activities

Memorial Day Crafts and Activities

Summer is here, moms! And if you are like me I know how you’re feeling – STRESSED! Yeah, I said it! The kids are out of school, and are ready to play, play, PLAY! But for the next three months, you will pretty much become their number one source of entertainment – we are boss moms after all. And with the upcoming holidays this summer, like Memorial Day and the 4th of July coming up soon, I have a few tips and tricks that can help your patriotic holiday go a little easier while having fun for both you and your little ones!

Memorial Day Activities for kids1. Tie-Dye

Nothing is more fun than the classic tie-dye! Re-purpose some of your old shirts, and make them look like new with the variety of colors you get with this kit.

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit


2. Fruit Pizza

What is summer without a fruit pizza?! Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of cooking with this simple, tasty treat! Now this may be a giant cookie, but you still got to cut it, right? Put that knife away and use a pizza cutter – you will get even slices and with a rolling knife it has less strain than the average pizza cutter. To add a patriotic twist, make “pizza” decorating an activity with your kids to make a flag with blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries!

Pizza Cutter

3. Make star-shaped ice cubes

Now if you have any leftover berries from your fruit pizza, you and your kids can pop a few of those berries into these star shaped silicone molds, add a little juice, pop them into the freezer and you are set! You can add these patriotic ice cubes into your seltzer water for a burst of flavor – plus less sugar and calories than soda – score! The kids will love the fun shape and you will love how easy these are. You can also chop up peaches, pears, and so much more to make your own fruity “mocktail.”



Star Shaped Ice Cube Molds


4. Face Painting

When I think Memorial Day, I am thinking of having a barbecue, cold drinks, and a little bit of face painting to keep the kids entertained. Even a makeup novice can be a great face painter thanks to stencils.



Face Paint Kit


5.  Patriotic Candle Jars

Trust me, this is way easier than what it sounds like. Use some old mason jars (or buy them new), and your kids can paint glue on the jars, and sprinkle away all the glitter and sequins they want! These candle jars will look great on your patio, or as a kitchen island centerpiece. If your young ones are still too young you can always use electric tea light candles instead of real candles.



Ball Mason Jars


6. Painting – the options are limitless

If you have any egg cartons laying around, your kids can paint an American flag on the carton. You can also utilize acrylic paint on the candle jars mentioned above if your child is more interested in painting! Your child can also make firework paintings on construction paper with cut up paper rolls or sponges.




Crayola Acrylic Paint


7. Make a flag collage

Have any old magazines laying around? Your kids can tear out different pieces of your unused magazines, and glue together a collage on construction paper to make an abstract flag.




Construction Paper


8. Popsicle stick flags

Super easy and fun for all ages! Remember that acrylic paint? Your child can glue together a few popsicle sticks and paint away! Once the flags are dry, you can glue a stick to the bottom of the “flag” so your child can waive their flag, or be used as flower pot decorations.




Popsicle Sticks


9. Make flag candy

You can use different colored chocolate bark on the flag portion for a creative, fun treat activity! (Caution – this will get a little messy, moms!)


Flag Candy Mold


10. Most importantly – teach your kids about Memorial Day!

We save the best for last! With this easy read, teach your kids about Memorial Day and why we celebrate.



Memorial Day Book

Patriotic crafts and activities for kids


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