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MLM As A Lifeline

MLM As A Lifeline

I know, right? I have always kind of despised Multi-level Marketing. So don’t worry! I’m not making millions and attempting to woo you in with my amazing sales pitch. (Still working on that. Ha!) But, I am going to share with you how joining a direct sales company brought me out of a pretty dark place and back to FEELING LIKE MYSELF AGAIN! And that, my friends, is worth more than millions.

Something new and fun to get excited about.

I had just been through several very difficult things, very close together, and was struggling to get out of bed, let alone take care of the four kids I still have at home. (Did I mention I have six? And I’m a Nana?) I was mindlessly scrolling through YouTube when I came across the creator of the company I’m a part of now. Watching her help women realize their own beauty was fascinating, and the perfect, positive distraction. When she decided to launch her company, I knew I had to join. Of course, when you are financially, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, that’s the absolute worst time to launch a business, right? Yes! That was the advantage!

Absolute freedom to fail.

Business wise, that is. My mom had just passed away three months before I joined the company. I knew I was not going to be business building, but instead, giving and receiving joy with every woman that I helped to discover how beautiful she is. I called it my “Back Pocket Blessing.” Keeping this perspective relieved all the pressure of making sales, or meeting goals, etc. I had complete freedom to just be excited and love every minute of surprised and delighted faces with that first look in the mirror, and all the beautiful messages of empowerment and gratitude from those I shared with. This was so incredibly healing for me.

Powerful personal growth.

This has been an unexpected and amazing result of my direct sales journey. I am constantly exposed to incredible people and resources that encourage me, refine me, support me, cheer for me, drink coffee with me, make me laugh, and make it seem possible to reach my full potential!

You can’t help but grow in that kind of situation! I’ve always enjoyed reading and self-improvement, but I was never able to see or feel the improvements in myself like I have since being a part of this company. Having tried and true resources within your reach, and talented, caring people to look up to, that come alongside you whenever you need them, is so incredibly powerful and healing. Because I made the decision to join a direct sales company, I’m a better mom, sister, friend, and now, leader.

Finding focus.

Being a mom of six, and a nana to two, I’ve been through all the seasons of mothering and I’m still right here with you in the trenches. Once, I was so busy and tired, that while driving down the road I looked down to make sure I remembered to put pants on! (True story!) I’ve had times I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be me, whoever that is, and struggled to find my way back. I can’t stress enough how KEY being a part of an amazing direct sales company has been in bringing focus into my life, and as a result of that focus: Joy, energy, organization, love, and of course, more money. Perspective is everything, they say. So, I hope you will do a little research to figure out the right company for you, and find your own MLM miracle.

“Unwavering faith + Extraordinary effort = Miracles.” -Hal Elrod

How joining an MLM saved me as a mom!


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