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Mommy Must Haves!

Mommy Must Haves!

Hey Marvelous Moms! It’s the very first installment of Mommy Must Haves here on Marvelous Moms Club. Whoa say that three times fast…

I am constantly coming across things I LOVE in my daily interactions with my kids and other moms and want to start sharing some of these things and ideas with you!  My favorite or current read of the week (because we all know how much I love to read) as well as other favorites of mine and my fellow mommies!

First, my favorite children’s book right now.

I happened to grab it at the library and now it’s a MUST OWN! It’s a beautiful book with the sweetest message. I can’t read it without crying!

This phone case:

It’s so pretty! The 90’s child in me still loves that floral prints have made a comeback and this sweet little case also comes with a screen protector! 

My favorite bag I’ve ever owned:

This amazing Libby bag is not only perfect for photographers with the customizable compartments, but all mommies and mompreneurs! It’s got so much room for things like laptops, planners, snacks and more! It stays clean, and is just drop dead gorgeous! Mine is in sapphire blue as seen above and I just LOVE it.

My favorite book right now, I can’t get enough of it!

This book was recommended to me by my sweet friend Amanda over at OC Beauty Blog and I just absolutely LOVE it. It fills my need for stories, now that I don’t make time to read fiction anymore and is full of real life experiences of others implementing the strategies (more like common sense) in the book! Get it, read it…or listen to it on AUDIBLE!

This RECIPE for Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki BowlsGrilled_Hawaiian_Teriyaki_Chicken_Bowls2

It’s SO good, relatively simple and satisfies my real life hunger when I’m sick of eating quesadillas and spaghetti. It’s full of flavor and I had seconds…

And for some silly fun when you’re not reading the books you’re hearing about on each episode…my favorite tv show of the moment…

Season 2 is now streaming on NETFLIX and I’m dying. The humor is so witty, (thank you Tina Fey for producing) and there are so many one liners that slip by so fast you’re trying to decide whether to laugh heartily or gut laugh quickly so you don’t miss the next hilarious line! I know you’ve got Netflix, you’re not living under a rock right?

That’s all I’ve got for you this week mommies!

Do you have any products you LOVE and cannot live without? Send me an email at and fill me in! I’d hate to miss out on a totally cool must have mommy item/show/food/everything!

Have a great day mommies!


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  • What a great idea for a blog post!! I am always looking for mommy must haves! I am really pleased I came across your site 🙂 I will be sure to share it with some of my friends too. I am a huge fan of Kimmy and the Dale Carnegie book has been read and reread by me multiple times. I have a must have for your list (it’s another book). You and your mommy readers have to check out “Where’s My Award? How to Get Baby Barf Out of a Red Carpet & Other Tales from a Working Mom in Hollywood” ( by comedian turned celebrity publicist Margot Black. This memoir is absolutely hilarious and the Hollywood stories she has to share are unbelievable. As a mommy I could relate to her tales of woe about parent teacher meetings and finding the best “organic” food out there for the kids but her celebrity encounters and embarrassing mommy moments at work are stories that you won’t forget anytime soon! I really hope you will give it a read and let me know what you think. I would love to see it on a future list of yours 🙂 Thanks again


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