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Must-Read Summer Novels for Our Book Loving Moms

Must-Read Summer Novels for Our Book Loving Moms

Where are my fellow book-loving moms at? It may be summer, but you should never put down that book. Reading is a great way to escape and lose yourself into another world – maybe with a glass of chardonnay – cause why not? Here are some of Amazon’s Top Chart books that are not only entertaining but can satisfy almost every book lover’s needs!


1. Where The Crawdad’s Sing, featured #1 this week on Amazon Charts

This murder mystery focuses on the beautiful Kya, who is at the center of a murder mystery as the prime suspect. While dealing with two men that have become infatuated with her sensitivity and intelligence, she yearns for a man.


2. Naturally Tan: a Memoir

Named a “Best Nonfiction Book” for 2019 in Woman’s Day, Naturally Tan out June 4th, this memoir is a funny, heartfelt story of Tan France’s life from complicated, early beginnings to becoming a leading fashion icon, along with being a member of the Fab Five!


3. Song of Fire and Ice Series

Still getting over the series finale of Game of Thrones? Like Harry Potter, the book is ALWAYS better than the show! Relive some of your favorite characters’ stories- and least favorite as well (*cough* Joffrey) with this five book box set!


4. Beneath A Scarlet Sky

This book is based on the true story of Pino Lella, an Italian teen living during the WWII era that unbeknownst to him will become a forgotten hero- until this novel. Dive into Pino’s story on a beautiful summer day and fall in love with the story of Pino and his venture to helping the Jews escape – even fall in love.


5. Thin Air

For our thriller lovers out there, Thin Air by Lisa Gray is about investigator Jessica Shaw who receives the scariest anonymous tip of all: an image of herself at three. Jessica dives into the dark history of LA, and finds out more than she expects in this thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


6. Murder at Archly Manor

Who doesn’t love a Bio Fic? Let alone about a high-society murder based in 1923! Get your mystery on with Murder at Archly Manor but Sara Rosett, whether at the beach or on a rainy summer day!


7. Harry Potter

We all know and LOVE Harry Potter– and these books are making a comeback on the charts! Relive one of your favorite stories, or introduce your child to the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter this summer!


8. The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

“A laugh-out-loud funny, pitch-perfect novel that will have readers rooting for this unlikely, relatable, and totally lovable heroine, The Overdue Life of Amy Byler is the ultimate escape—and will leave moms everywhere questioning whether it isn’t time for a #momspringa of their own.” —New York Journal of Books

We could not have put this novel into better words! We feel that our Marvelous Moms could relate with Amy Byler, who is a working single mom that takes a vacation from her rural life that will leave you laughing!

Must Read Summer Novels for Moms


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