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My Top 10 Favorite Marvelous Moms Club Episodes!

My Top 10 Favorite Marvelous Moms Club Episodes!

It’s been over three years since this amazing podcast community was created- and since I sat with shaking hands at a computer to do my first interview. I had no idea back then how many wonderful women I would have the pleasure of meeting, and how it would lead to one of the most MARVELOUS lives ever.  I truly have connected with, adored and learned from every guest on this show!

Choosing my top 10 has actually been a little tricky- both because I have loved every single one, but also because many of these women have become friends- so I want you to know these are not my “favorite people” while I DO think they’re pretty amazing! In fact- these are episodes that when I look at them, I can instantly remember how I felt when I talked to them, how it changed me as a mother and inspired me to be better!

So without further explanation, my top 10 favorite episodes, in no particular order!

Episode 117 – Against All Odds: Stories of Adoption with Kindle Garner

This episode had me literally on the floor in tears. I remember sliding out of my chair for a minute to gather myself- I was struck to my CORE by this interview. I didn’t even know Kindle at the time, and her story was so pure, so raw and so beautiful that I could hardly handle to hear it. This episode is one of the highest downloaded of the whole podcast- which doesn’t surprise me. If you are looking for something to really hit the heart strings- this is the one for you! If you have children who have experienced medical issues, have been a momma who has to sit in a hospital room for days on end, this is for you. If you have experienced the loss of babies through stillborn or miscarriage- this is for you. If you are a homeschool mom this one is for you. This remarkable woman will connect to you in a way you never thought possible!

Episode 115 – Hope, Faith and Freckles with Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox

It’s everyone’s nightmare- to lose the love of your life. This is the top downloaded post of our podcast, probably because so many people watched, holding their breaths, as Emily slowly lost her husband to melanoma.  The process was agonizing, and she shares all about it here on the podcast in an exclusive interview.  Emily became a fast friend, and I saw firsthand the heartache of it all. She gives us a back end time line, what she was experiencing while keeping a brave and happy face on her social media platform- The Freckled Fox, and you’ll want to have tissues nearby for this one.  It’s inspiring to see her experience joy in the midst of one of the most horrifying trials!

Episode 002 – Interview with Mompreneur Extraordinaire, Tara Williams

Tara is forever going to get credit for the reason this podcast and community even exist.  She opened up the door of awareness for me in the business world and was the first person I ever saw thrive as a mompreneur.  Sure- I had undoubtedly known others- but she was the first I really knew after this paradigm shift happened of “What am I really capable of?” happened.  Because of her podcast with her husband- 8 Minute Millionaire, I learned about podcasting in the first place.  Because of the books she recommended to me in those early months, I have been shaped as an mompreneur! This episode shares so many good nuggets but I share it because I remember being honored she’d take the time to be on my show- when I looked up to her in such a big way! You will love this one!

Episode 160 – Full Time “Me” with Shara Park

Something about Shara really inspired me and her energy just couldn’t be contained on our call.  She shared her background and desires to be a broadcast journalist and how she has had to battle her way to the front lines to follow her passion- all the while being a mom to her amazing kids.  She is a perfect illustration of not allowing limits or norms to rule your destiny, and choosing to make the life of your dreams a reality- no matter how difficult the path.  A true feminist in all the best ways- she inspires women that they can have it all!

Episode 142 – Bucket List Goals with Jessica Gee

I was fascinated by their story, as millions of others are.  Jessica Gee of the Bucket List family shared their story about becoming a full time traveling family and what that looks like for them!  This episode inspired us to start traveling more and not letting the fact that we have children be an excuse to not experience adventure and fun together! She shares how they make it work, why they started doing it and what the benefits of life have been for their children! If you are a traveler at heart, this episode is a MUST LISTEN!

Episode 132 – Doing A LOT With a Little with Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna’s Designs

Rhonna is one of those vibrant amazing women who you just CONNECT with and want to be best friends with. A never ending stream of inspiration and pure love, she is one I could have talked to for hours on end and still need more! She is the creator of Rhonna’s Designs and an incredibly talented designer. She is also a mom- of course-  who has battled ongoing illness and chronic pain.  In spite of so many obstacles, she keeps a smile on her face, lifts those around her and makes a full time living that makes all of our social media feeds a lot more beautiful!

Episode 119 – The Joys of Motherhood with Shannon Tripp

Shannon puts my love of motherhood to shame- and fully embraces the magic of parenting. A pediatric nurse and mom of four- she honors motherhood and it’s calling because she sees firsthand many other parents either lose their children or come close.  She has a reverence for her calling as both- and inspires THOUSANDS of women each day to not let a fleeting moment pass by without love for your kids! I love Shannon and her authentic desire to lift and help other moms rejoice in motherhood!

Episode 096 – Mompreneur Monday with Mia Moran of Plan Simple Meals

Mia and I met on the podcast when she was about to go on tour for her new cookbook- Plan Simple Meals. I have since gotten to know her even better and have been a part of her coaching program for the past 9 months! As stated in her title- she really does simplify clean eating and makes it attainable for EVERY person to do! She is the reason my kids now love green smoothies, why I’ve started making our own non dairy milks, and why salad isn’t scary for me anymore! Tune in to this one for SURE if you are looking to be more healthy as a family! Her book can be found here–

Episode 078 – Fostering Love with Darci Buhl

This is one of those episodes that I can’t really even explain the effect it had on me! Darci and I chatted while she bounced her foster daughter on her lap- who she had no idea if she’d ever be able to adopt.  She is a foster mom who has let LOTS of babies into her heart and home, only to help them be reunited with their biological parents.  But for a few of her children, she knew they were meant to be hers. I have watched her story unfold on social media now for a few years and have been overjoyed to see her take legal custody of her beautiful daughter! If you want to be inspired and have ever been interested in fostering, this is an AMAZING one!

Episode 020 – “I’ll Always Go to Bat For My Kids” with Beth Olsen

I don’t think I’ll ever forget hearing her words echo in my ears- “I’ll always go to bat for my kids”. I remember thinking- “Will I? Am I as strong as Beth? Would I make the same sacrifices for my family she has for hers?” Beth is an old friend, one who I knew long before she became a mother. So I have seen her blossom into a beautiful one, so capable and so eager to serve her family. Her oldest son was diagnosed with Autism and she shares how she has gone to bat for him, and how it has blessed their lives immensely. She is the reason we sought help for our own son and saw amazing returns as a result! She’s a beacon of light, and always the first to want to help or support those around her!


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