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Summertime Sickness

Summertime Sickness

Summer may have begun, but that doesn’t stop bacteria and viruses from spreading! One day you can be settling in with your spouse watching your kids chase fireflies. The next thing you know, everyone is sneezing, complaining about a scratchy throat, and coughing throughout the house. If you are like me, you do not want to leave your bed- thank goodness for delivery- and when you do, it is for something fresh and healthy. If you need to stock up on goods if your family is hit with the summertime sickness, here are some of our must haves for this season!

1. Bell Peppers > Oranges

We have been told all our lives to drink orange juice and eat chicken noodle soup when we get sick. Though comforting, these wives-tale foods actually do not reduce or prevent you from getting colds! Vitamin C has only been shown to help your cold time and severity. But little do most know, a serving of bell peppers are actually higher in Vitamin C than a glass of orange juice! So when you are sick, it may be better to snack on a handful of bell pepper slices than that glass of orange juice. Thank goodness we have easy delivery services to provide us with healthy, organic options from Whole Foods!


2. *Cough cough*

Ah, the sound of coughing is ringing down the halls. You are willing to get rid of this sound faster than that pair of jeans in the back of your closet- the ones you want to keep for when you lose those finicky ten pounds. (You’ll get there- but make sure to wear something that fits in the meantime!) But make sure to have a bag of Ricola cough drops on hand for when the coughs start ringing the halls!


3. The only vapor that is good for you- a humidifier!

Help relieve your family’s congestion with a humidifier! If your air is too dry while sick, your mucus might not flow properly and actually cause more sinus pain or even sinusitis. This machine is quiet and easy to use, has an automatic shut off when the water levels are low, and different flow settings for your family’s needs!


4. Put down that Chinese takeout napkin!

Don’t get caught using harsh napkins on your nose, always stay stocked on tissues! Whether you are sick or not, you don’t want to be searching around the house for something to use when you need to blow your nose ASAP!

These are a few of our must haves for when we (unfortunately) get sick in the summertime. Let us know what your tips and tricks are on our Facebook and Instagram!


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