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The Easy Way to Make Dinner

The Easy Way to Make Dinner

Mamma, are you tired of meal planning and grocery shopping? I am! I wear a lot of hats: mom, business owner, blogger, homemaker, grocery shopper, cook, toy cleaner upper, and wife. Some days the million things I’m doing don’t leave room for making dinner!

But if we go out for fast food too often, or if all the food my kids are eating is coming from the microwave, the old mom guilt sets in. I want more for my family. I know it’s not realistic to cook healthy meals from scratch every-night, but I want to give my family the best. I want my kids to be healthy! I want to be health. I’m not against occasional treats, but I want there to be healthy food in my family’s diet too.

Sometimes planning healthy meals, grocery shopping, and cooking is just too much. This where Hello Fresh comes in. It plans my meals for me, grocery shops for me, pre-measures all my ingredients, and delivers them to me! Yeah, it’s really that amazing! Healthy, homemade food is actually attainable, even with everything else I have going on. Goodbye mom guilt. Goodbye stress.

You can pick a plan for your family based on your diet (they have a vegetarian option and a kid friendly option, yippee!). Next you decide how many nights a week you’d like to sign up for, from 2-5 meals per week. You can select a delivery time and they bring you all the ingredients that you need pre-measured and ready to go, along with an easy to follow recipe.

If your family is picky, don’t worry you can go through and select which meals you want to get that week. You don’t have to choose Kale (does anyone actually like that?). They give you 13 different meals to choose from a week. If making decisions stresses you out, you can have them decide for you!

So what’s the catch? Is it super expensive, is the food low quality, are the recipes complicated, will you have to spend hours at the counter chopping veggies? Nope, Nope, Nope, and Nope. It’s cheaper than going out for junk food and the food is actually good! The ingredients are fresh and the meats are high quality. The recipes aren’t complicated and you won’t be at the counter for hours chopping veggies! I’ve tried it and I love it! It’s amazing to be able to cook a healthy dinner for my family so easily!

So go check out Hello Fresh and use code KIRTYRR to get $40 off!

~ Kirsten

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