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The Top 10 Podcast episodes for Mompreneurs in the MAKING!

The Top 10 Podcast episodes for Mompreneurs in the MAKING!

Today we wanted to share with you some of our best episodes from Mompreneurs here on Marvelous Moms Club! These are the ladies who have taken their big dreams and made them a reality! They are inspiring and have amazing stories. While there are SO many and we’ll share more in weeks to come, this week we are dedicating our feature to those who have created or are selling physical products online!

These ladies have either created with their own hands or have carefully curated products to sell to help others- and have done an amazing job doing it! If you have ever wondered “Could I create something to sell?” The answer is YES! And with these episodes you’ll find some inspiration and maybe even strategy and ideas for your own budding business.

Whether it’s learning how to sew your own diaper bags like Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design, or how to start a subscription service from Julie Ball of Sparkle Hustle Grow- we have you covered!

Want to know how the famous Chatbooks photo book creator was started? We have the back story!

The thing I LOVE that is an underlying theme in all of these episodes is these women create from the HEART. They see a need and they fill it! Are you listening to your heart? Are you connecting with your purpose?

Tune in now and let us know on social media which ones inspired you most- and what your big dream is!

Episode 148: Sewing a Future with Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design

This episode is all about the journey to creating the famous brand- Fawn Design. Faux leather diaper bags that can hold literally everything you need. Something I remember Jenny talking about was how she would buy other diaper bags, rip them apart to see how they were sewn together and then re-piece things to make it much more useful for what she needed as a mom. She didn’t know how to create a prototype, but she learned how by this process of examination and trial. If you think you need a degree in creation to be successful- Jenny proves that theory wrong in this awesome episode!

A Chat About Motherhood with Chatbooks Creator Vanessa Quigley

Learn more about the creator of Chatbooks, Vanessa Quigley here on Marvelous Moms Club! Motherhood stories, photo uses, documenting life, photo books.

Chatbooks is a household staple in our home- we have more Chatbooks than I can count! It is the #1 leader in photo books  My kids love going through the pages of the books and seeing their memories on these small enough for their hands books. The history of how this company started is fascinating to me- as are all start up business stories (I’m an entrepreneur nerd ok?). And Vanessa’s story is a thing of beauty! Listen in as she tells the whole story of how Chatbooks has become a leader in the photo book industry and how they made it simple for moms- since nobody wants to spend hours creating and formatting photo books! And if you want to get started with your first Chatbook- CLICK HERE!

Episode 202: Because I CAN with Alison Prince

WARNING do NOT listen to this episode unless you want massive amounts of inspiration. You will NOT be able to sit still after listening to this one! Alison is QUEEN of selling products online- and even helped her teenage daughters to make over $100,000 selling scarves online! And it all started by selling trash online. Ok sort of- you’ll have to listen to understand! And for when you DO listen and are ready to take action- you can learn from Alison and all her magical ways with her 0-100k program- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO! 

EP 198: Together Unplugged with Julie Ball

Julie is not only passionate about her success as an entrepreneur- but the success of all her fellow mompreneurs! She has created an amazing subscription box service that will help the budding mompreneur to feel inspired, nourished and give her tools for successfully building her business! Julie not only sells her boxes- SNAG YOUR FIRST ONE HERE— but she has a program teaching others how to create subscription boxes of their own! You need to listen to this one if you’ve ever had a great idea for a subscription box and needed tips on how to make it a reality!

Episode 190: The Mommy Behind Mommi with Erin Schurtz 

Erin is one of those women you look at and think “how does she do it all? How is she so calm with a life that is so busy?!” She is an entrepreneur at heart and has even created reality tv series- but this episode is all about her product MOMMI which is a protein shake for moms-to-be that contain all the nutrients needed in a prenatal vitamin! She goes over all the highs and lows- the fails and the successes of creating a supplement company! She didn’t do it while life was easy either- as a military spouse she has been creative and innovative in trying to share this product with the world! Tune in now!

Episode 167: Amazing Amazon with Amy Hoang


I LOVE this episode- because as some of you may know I started out making money online by selling things on Amazon. The world of Amazon has changed a LOT but Amy was having massive success when things were just getting started- and no doubt still has some amazing advice to share through her educational programs! If you’ve looked into selling on Amazon- this one is for you!

Episode 129: Simplifying your Plan with Emily Ley, Author of Grace, Not Perfection

Emily is quite a sensation online and I had no idea the goddess I had the honor of interviewing a couple of years ago- but she has taken the planner industry by STORM with her Grace, Not Perfection message. She is helping women stay on top of all the things with her beautifully designed planners. If you’ve thought about creating something along these lines- tools and helps to strengthen others- this is a great listen!

Episode 64: Teaching Children Kindness with Victoria Farmer of The Doll Kind 

Selling physical products doesn’t always have to be about profits- in fact for Victoria and her fellow team members at The Doll Kind- it is more about the REAL bottom line- teaching kindness to children! After being publicly scrutinized on social media when her daughter got into a can of white paint- she realized life is too short to worry about being unkind- and where on earth are kids even LEARNING to treat each other with disrespect? We have to start them young, and the Doll Kind has now morphed into Kind Culture Co.- which is SO fitting! Tune in to hear how your dream can make a difference for others!

Episode 144: From Milk to Millions with PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff 

PJ owns a Goat Farm and has now successfully created a legacy and family business by selling products like soaps- made from goat milk! She teaches SO much about the logistics of her business and how it evolved- down to NOW where her children are basically running the show! What began as having a few dairy goats turned into a full fledged million dollar business that ships goat milk based products all over the country!

Episode 38: Creating your Creativity with Bev Feldman

Bev started out making jewelry as a hobby- but it morphed into a business! Sound familiar? There are SO many stay at home moms who have had this same experience! If you want to turn your creativity into profitability- this one is for you! Bev is an avid jewelry maker, an entrepreneur and mommy to a beautiful little girl! Listen in to our chat about her book, her crafting journey and how she’s developed her skills to pay her bills! Check out her book- The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

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