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Why Periscope is Breaking Norms and Catching on like FIRE!

Why Periscope is Breaking Norms and Catching on like FIRE!

At the start of my entrepreneurial journey I heard a bit of buzz about the newest and FASTEST GROWING social media platform- one that was changing the way people did business. And like any mother who feels that she’s been living in the dark ages as far as social media and business I was completely freaked out and refused to learn yet another way I would inevitably have my self esteem dashed to bits by well meaning successful beauties online. Not another way to make me feel inferior, PLEASE anything but that.  The world is passing me by and now I’m one of those people I made fun of not many years ago who didn’t know their way around a Facebook post or Youtube video. So I ignored it. I let it go.

Fast forward a few months later when I was a lot less afraid and a lot more curious about anything that would grow my business.  I had a fabulous beautiful guest on the podcast who had been coasting in her submarine utilizing her very own periscope to gain a following and direct those scoper fans to her beauty mom blog. I saw it from a whole different perspective. I realized that if she had not scoped her baby’s nursery tour our mutual friend would never have thought to tell me about this really funny mom who has five kids and shares bits of her life on Periscope…and I never would have met her and found in her an amazing friend and co-conspirator to take on the world of online business! There must be something more to this scope thing. Maybe…just maybe.

So I started watching her scopes. And she invited me to watch other successful scopers, Chalene Johnson for one. And my favorite of all time- Nicole “Scoprah” Walters. This woman came into my life at just the right moment. Like creepily so… I was meant to catch her live the day I did. And I have watched almost every scope since and am totally hooked. Not because she’s gorgeous, and totally reminds me of Oprah in her tenacity and spirit, but because she’s FUNNY and relatable and represents everything I want to accomplish in my own life. And P.S. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for the podcast- you can check it out HERE!

Now let’s fast forward even more- recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with several “scope sisters” as we like to call ourselves- at Disneyland! And for the ladies who couldn’t physically be there- they were there via….you guessed it- PERISCOPE! It is absolutely one of the most amazing social media apps ever to hit my cell phone and if you haven’t caught on yet as to why, I’ll lay it out for you.

Unfiltered, Unedited REAL LIFE.

This is the most honest app of all time. No filters to hide behind, no perfect composition or editing. What you see is what you get! And that makes it really scary for people who hit the broadcast button. Anything goes. Once you’re live you have no idea if your kids are going to suddenly sprinkle sugar all over the kitchen floor (that’s happened to me) or if people will (gasp) see your life the way it really is!  You have no idea who might start watching, what they might say and if anyone will even care about you.  It’s terrifying and amazing all at once. Because for those of us watching, we get to see that we are NOT alone in our crazy lives. We all have children who need us, husbands who roll their eyes at our newfound addiction (we’ll get to more of that later) and BUSY LIVES. And it’s hard to find a quiet moment to scope. It’s just raw, real and you feel a little less alone in the world of social media. You realize these people are REALLY JUST PEOPLE who have worked hard and are ready to share their successes and lessons with you! You get to peek inside of moments in people’s lives they’d never take time to share on Instagram. It fills in the holes between those perfect moments we post on Facebook. It’s just the real deal and someone gets to look in your eyes and decide if they like the way you see the world- and whether you are worth their precious moments in the day. Again- frightening and amazing at the same time!

It’s the New Park Day! 

This is the most amazing tool for moms- hence the reason I’m gushing about it here on Marvelous Mom’s Club. Now don’t get me wrong I love making friends at the park, in line at Target or anywhere else I can squeeze in some adult connection and conversation.  But Periscope simplifies it. If I’m feeling lonely all I need to do is jump on periscope and either broadcast my own set of feelings and thoughts, while friends jump on and comment with me, making it possible for me to talk to dozens of friends at once, or I can jump on another scope by a friend and hear their story. I can chat it up with my friends there as well and feel a little less alone in my motherhood endeavors. I’ve seen girls ask for date night recommendations, parenting tips and I’ve personally scoped asking for recipe ideas and shown my “friends” around my kitchen to see what they would cook up given those same ingredients. It’s awesome. There are dozens of friends I’ve made in a very short amount of time and through Periscope I not only know their “surface stories” but I know them in a deep and personal way, they are sharing some of the most raw insight into their souls and I cry with these girls, laugh with them and create inside jokes with them (we are always willing to let people in on our jokes) which takes me to the next point…

There’s no “Cool Table” on Periscope

Nobody is judging you by your looks or how many followers you have- at least not yet. It’s still such a new app that the numbers just don’t matter. What you’re saying and showing are all that matters.  The communities I’m part of on Periscope are all very positive and inclusive places to be. There are business gurus, mommy bloggers, stay at home moms and just about every variety of people on Periscope just sharing who they are. And there is never ending kindness and support for everyone on there. It’s opening up conversations and making the rest of social media a bit easier to take in.  Whereas before our perceptions of people were just Instagram related- we now know a bit more about these people we follow and realize we are completely as capable of achieving the success they have.  And they are so happy to teach- for FREE. So much education and opportunity lies in multiple periscopes…which brings me to my next point.


Some of my favorite scopers I mentioned before are giving out almost daily business advice- tactics and tools, ways to balance home life and work life. Ways to hustle and make money online. These are both people who have achieved insane amounts of success and those still working hard and sharing their journeys as they go. You can catch one or two scopes a day from these business masters and have endless free tips and tricks to help you further your business and life. It’s like a never ending self help book! And it’s FREE!

Anyone Can Do It

No longer do you need a popular YouTube channel or strong platform anywhere else- you can build a huge following just by being yourself. No editing afterwards, no hassle, just sharing the things about you that make you unique and special! Whether that’s expertise or just simple life experiences that you want to share- there are definitely people out there who need YOUR message. So do it! Anyone can! No really, even your grandma. Or your teenager. There’s even a teen making serious coin on Periscope- Caleb Maddix- @calebmaddix. This kid is amazing and I hope my kids can be as bright and kind as he is at that age! As of late there are sponsorship opportunities popping up for influential Periscopers, so even more reason to jump in now and grow a lovely following!

It’s Totally Unsaturated

You may feel like just a number when you follow your favorite people on other social media platforms, but on Periscope there are so FEW people on there that you really get a chance to connect one on one with people, they’ll speak right to you, answer questions and if you start doing your own scopes they’ll happily jump on, support you and bring more followers to you! This won’t happen forever I’m sure- as it grows it won’t be as easy to connect with as many people so get in NOW while the fire is hot!

There are so many reasons why I can’t get enough of Periscope. It’s really closing that gap of loneliness that can come with parenting as well as being a channel where all needs are met. No longer do you need to search out content to consume, it comes to you and you can choose what to take in just like you can channel surf on tv until you find something that suits you! You’ll find yourself enjoying different cooking techniques, parenting strategies, addiction recovery information and business advice all in one place.  It’s no wonder that it’s the fastest growing social media platform of all time! Come join in the fun and find me over there! @Marvelous-Moms. I’d love to get to know you in “real life”!

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  • love chalene and nicole, the 2 power twins on scope! and you too! lots of amazing content on scope, it’s literally my tv 😉


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