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10 Indoor Boredom Busters

10 Indoor Boredom Busters

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What do you picture when you think of summer break? Playing in a pool, running through sprinklers, sticky, drippy Popsicles? Me too! We do spend a lot of time outside in the summer, but long hot days also call for some indoor AC time! When it’s too hot to go out, but school is out what do you do? These indoor boredom busters will keep your kids busy and happy!

Washi Tape Road and City for Cars and Trucks| Indoor Kids and Toddlers Play and Activities

Source: Le Jardin De Juliet

1. Create a Tape Road

If your littles like playing cars and trucks then this idea is for you. You can use washi tape (that you can find on Amazon) or masking tape to create an indoor city for your kids to drive their cars on. Keep it simple, or get elaborate with parking spaces and buildings.

2. Have a Tea Party

You can make hot or iced tea for this fun activity and get out the dolls and stuffed animals to join you. If you really want to get into it dress up too!


DIY Flubber | Indoor Kids and Toddlers Activity | Summer Indoor Activities

Source: Live Craft Eat

3. Make Your Own Homemade Flubber

This gooey flubber is a great thing to make with your kids. The texture is so different from traditional play dough that the kids will be really interested in it!

4. Read Books Together

Reading to your kids is soooo good for them! Do you want to give your kids an advantage in life? Reading to your kids at an early age dramatically impacts how they do in school. Kids who are read to have better vocabularies, longer attention spans, more pre-reading skills, and do better in both literacy and math. If your kids are old enough to read on their own keep encouraging them to read by setting a good example. Pick up a book of your own and read next to your kids. A trip to the local library would be a great way to spend a hot summer day.

Fan Fort! Fun with Kids. Indoor activities

5. Build a Fort

This classic activity is always fun. You can use couch cushions, blankets, or try this epic fort idea from Allison at All for The Boys. She used a duvet cover and a fan to create this billowy fort! It looks so fun, and it’s probably nice and cool in there, which is perfect for summer. Spend the afternoon in the fort playing make believe, reading books, and enjoying snacks.

6. Bake Cookies or Cupcakes

Rainy summer day? No problem, get out the Kitchen Aid Mixer and whip up a yummy treat together. Baking with littles can be messy, but try not to worry about the mess and enjoy the experience together.

Bubble Wrap Road for Kids and Toddlers. Indoor kids activities., sensory play

7.. Make a Bubble Wrap Road

This idea is from Laura at Sunny Day Family. She used painters tape and bubble wrap to create this road for her toddlers. This is such a fun way to make the popping fun last longer and play cars and trucks at the same time. For older kids you could use a bigger piece of bubble wrap and just let them run on it rather than drive toy cars on it. Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap? It’s a great sensory activity, and maybe it’s therapeutic. I’m not the only one who finds it fun still, am I?

8. Make Smoothies or PopsiclesĀ 

Seriously hot days call for cool treats! Try a homemade fruit smoothie or make your own popsicles. You can let your kids add in the fruits that they like to theirs. You can order BPA free popsicle molds from Amazon.

Salt painting Fireworks, salt, watercolor, glue, painting! Indoor kids summer activity

9. Try Salt Painting

Art is a great outlet for kids, but lets face it sometimes the old coloring books get boring. This salt painting is a really fun way to mix it up! Katherine shares how to make these salt paint fireworks at Busy Mommy Media. I’d love to make these around the 4th of July. Are you taking your kids to see fireworks this year?

Crepe Paper Laser Maze, Indoor Kids Activity

10. Play Ninja’s with a Laser MazeĀ 

Megan from the Brassy AppleĀ had this great idea for her kids who love to play ninjas and spies. With just some crepe paper and masking tape she entertained her kids for hours! You may want to adjust where you place the strips to make it easier or harder as your kids test it out.

I hope that gives you some inspiration! Do you have a favorite indoor activity that you do with your kids? Share it in the comments!

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