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5 Ways to Show Dad Love on Father’s Day

5 Ways to Show Dad Love on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great chance for your kids to show love to their dads! My kids are blessed with a great dad and I want to help them show him love! I know my husband isn’t my dad so I don’t have to do anything for him, but since my kids are still little I want to help them and start fun traditions! I love it when my husband helps the kids celebrate me on Mother’s Day too. There are five great ways to show dad you love him.

1. Words

Words that encourage and affirm are so important! Words of affirmation are probably my husband’s main love language. We created this fun printable so your kids can tell dad how much they love him. Just print it out and if your kids are too young to write ask them the questions and fill the answers in for them. If your kids can write have them fill out this special Father’s Day questionnaire. The prompts will really help your kids to think about their dad and what they love about him. Sometimes the question “What do you love about dad?” feels really vague and hard to answer so we broke it down into smaller more concrete questions!

Free Printable Father's Day Card Questionnaire


If you would like us to send you the Free Printable Download just put in your name and email and we will email it to you!

You could also record a special message from your kids on video. It’s really cute to capture their little voices and personalities! Ask them the questions from the printable or others like:

How old is dad?

What is dad’s job?

What is your favorite thing to do with dad?

What is something dad always says?

What is something dad is really good at?

2. Special Food

The best traditions involve food! Growing up we had a tradition of serving breakfast in bed on special holidays like Father’s Day. We would cook pancakes, waffles, or my favorite – crepes. My mom is French so crepes were a pretty big deal at our house. But they take a long time to make since you cook them one by one and you have to mix up the batter from scratch and let it sit for half an hour before cooking them. My husband on the other hand is much happier with a box of cereal! On special occasions his family would buy a box of name-brand sugary cereal! It’s interesting mixing tradition when you get married. I realized that making my husband breakfast in bed wasn’t a good way to show him love since he didn’t really like it; he honestly still prefers cereal. The French side of me is cringing, and my four-year-old son still won’t eat crepes, but you know what? It’s okay and it’s way easier buying cereal so I’m going to take that as a win.

Aside from breakfast you could incorporate other favorite foods throughout the day. Plan a yummy dessert too.

3. Activities

What is your kid’s favorite thing to do with their dad? And what is your husband’s favorite family activity? Maybe he would like to go to a movie with the kids, go for a hike or a bike ride, or go to a trampoline park. Think of a way to spend time together that will create special memories. You might buy a gift related to this activity.

4. Gifts

Of course gifts are the most traditional way to say I love you on a special day like Father’s Day. We have a great gift guide on the blog with ideas for every type of dad. To pick out gifts I ask my kids what they think dad would like and what they think his favorite things to do are. My boys love to play Legos with their dad so naturally they want to buy him Legos.  A new Lego set is fun because it works as a gift and an activity. Water balloons are also a fun gift/activity.

5. Help

What jobs does dad normally handle around the house and yard? Can your kids help with some of those jobs? Growing up my dad loved clean washed cars so we would help him wash the cars. My husband and I try to make sure that whoever is being celebrated doesn’t do any dishes all day! Have your kids find ways to help dad on Father’s Day or even make a special coupon book of chores they will help with in the coming months.


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