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Ep 017: Who says being a mom can’t be fabulous? -With Luxe Mom Candace Thomas

Ep 017: Who says being a mom can’t be fabulous? -With Luxe Mom Candace Thomas


“In even just a couple of years I’m not going to be saying, put on your shoes- get in the car! I realize that this time is special. The awareness and presence I have is a gift within itself.”

Candace’s blog speaks to my soul. I found her on instagram and this memory came rushing back. A memory from before I was a mother and people told me everything would change. I’d never be able to travel, to do ANYTHING fun again because now it would all be about my kids. That wasn’t fun to hear! And I didn’t believe it when I heard it. I believed then and still believe now that we can have a lot of luxe in our lives, even with kids. In fact, they are the ones who make all those things 10X better! I love her story of how she got the idea to start luxe with kids. I found the origin post for you all to read and enjoy: Four Seasons Seattle I mean moms need to know about this stuff right? I know I would have never thought that traveling with my kids could be a luxury experience. So for your learning, check out ALL THINGS LUXE on her fabulous website LUXE WITH KIDS! And follow her on INSTAGRAM. And everywhere else, she’s pretty cool and I personally can’t wait to hang out with her face to face (not through a screen).

Some of my favorite things to chat about were her amazing dreamy sounding trip to the Swiss Alps, how she acknowledges that she only puts positive stuff out there on the interwebs and how HARD she truly has to work to create the luxe life she has. It’s not all just fluff and parties people! 🙂 I also loved that she’s as addicted to instagram as I currently am and sees how cool it is to connect with other moms in this crazy world! #momlife 😉

Books she recommends:

All things Brene Brown  including her current read, Rising Strong

And later in the year we’ll discuss her book she’s writing with her son!

Thank you Candace for being marvelous and sharing your story with us marvelous moms! Can’t wait to meet up in Houston!

Having a baby doesn't mean the fun is over- you don't have to loose yourself as a mom to spit up and diapers being a mom can be fabulous and luxurious and beautiful!

Why you don't need a babymoon- a lot of people think that when you have a baby you won't be able to travel but we are hear to say that's not true! Your life as you know it is not over you can travel and have fun as a mom!

Today on the podcast we are talking about how you can still travel with kids even though many people think you can't

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  • Candace is an amazing mother and proves that you can still be fun, stylish, passionate, hip, in-tune with the world around us, confident, hold your identity, and as a result, be an amazing example to your kiddos by doing all these things. Need I say more? Her energy is insane and she needs to be a voice online for all the mamas out there.


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