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Ep 028: Mum to Millionaire with Veena V

Ep 028: Mum to Millionaire with Veena V

Guys I’m not one to send you somewhere else when you’re here in podcast land but if you have to go ANYWHERE else, the place to hang out is with Veena V on Mum to Millionaire. Her gorgeous accent and bubbly personality will hook you from the start and you’ll feel like Veena is your best friend. You’ll be rooting for her to succeed. And you’ll be inspired to do something yourself!

I loved talking about our big plans for the future now that we are friends. Real life The Holiday coming your way in February 2017 and you best believe it’s going to HAPPEN! I can’t wait to be Veena’s personal Disneyland host next year. And I REALLY can’t wait to visit her in London! Woo hoo!

Leaving her day job where she was really left with pennies rather than a real future, she has gone out on her own and started multiple ventures. With her adorable “energetic” son by her side she is making her dreams come true. I can’t wait to see her hit millionaire status! We talk about the struggle of leaving your children in child care while you punch the time clock and end up with practically nothing. And how even though she may not be a millionaire yet it’s far better to be at home with her son making things happen than to see him for only an hour or two a day! How many of us have made it ok to function that way? Our kids need US!  I love Veena’s story. You will too.

Thanks Veena- you’re amazing and I’m so happy to consider you a friend now!

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You can make money and stay at home with your kids! Tune into this episode to hear how one single mom is doing just that

How to be a single mom and and entrepreneur at the same time!

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  • Thank you so much for inviting me on your show. It was so great to talk to you & your podcast is fantastic 🙂 See you on periscope!!


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