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EP 121: Stories About My Mother with Rachel Nielson of Power of Moms

EP 121: Stories About My Mother with Rachel Nielson of Power of Moms

childrendental-2 Rachel came and shared stories of motherhood from a very different perspective on today’s episode. We always listen to personal accounts of motherhood from the mothers themselves, but today we are getting a glimpse into a mother’s life from her daughter. Rachel spent most of her growing up years with a mother who battled cancer. Her mother fought a long fight and was determined to see her three daughters raised. Rachel is sharing some very tender and touching moments today that will remind you to cherish each day, be grateful for the life you have and to appreciate your own mother.rachelmom

I love so many things about this episode including the ideas to write letters to your children, to journal and record yourself in many formats for your children to enjoy. I am so honored to have had Rachel share these sweet moments and memories with us here on the podcast and know you’ll love listening!

I asked Rachel some questions about what a day in the life looks like for her and these are her words:

“I have always aspired to be the person who gets up early to exercise/read scriptures/mediate/save-the-world before
breakfast, but, alas, I usually wake up to the sound of Sally calling my name around 7:30 a.m. I stumble into her room in a tired haze and we snuggle in the rocking chair until Noah joins us. After a few more minutes of sleepy dawdling, we rush around and get ready for the day’s activities. Some mornings I have a babysitter come so I can do my Power of Moms’ work; other mornings we go on a fun outing; other mornings, if I’m being honest, I put the kids in front of the TV so I can get some projects done. I love projects, and it’s a battle to get myself to stop being “productive” so I can be more present with my kiddos. But I am constantly working on it, and I have definitely gotten better at it these past few years! After lunch, we read books aloud, and then we all have quiet time for an hour or two, and then we run errands, go to the park, prepare dinner, etc. Evenings are loud! The kids are tired and often fighting with each other, and mom and dad are tired and trying not to yell. Ha! After family dinner, we sometimes go for a family walk or bike ride and then we put the kids to bed. Then it’s blessed alone time, and I usually jump right back in to one of my projects and stay up way too late working on it…so the cycle of tired haze starts over again the next day!”img_6158

To read even more about Rachel check out her bio over on Power of Moms!

To read even more details about Rachel’s mother and see more photos, head HERE!

From Rachel’s Bookshelf:

“And speaking of books, my son’s middle name is Atticus after Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I love both of my kids’ names! Noah’s first name was chosen together with his birthparents, and I love that they were involved in that decision. Then his middle name is after my favorite character in all of literature. Sally is named after both of her amazing grandmas (very special since my mom is gone), and her middle name is Grace because it was only through God’s grace that I could finally get pregnant with her and then make it through a very difficult pregnancy.” – Rachel Neilson

Thanks again Rachel for the beautiful stories, it was so wonderful to get to know your mother through you!



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