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EP 173: Differently Wired Kids with Debbie Reber

EP 173: Differently Wired Kids with Debbie Reber


Hey Marvelous Moms! I’m really excited for you to listen to Debbie’s episode today because I relate to her so much. I know that the things she says will relate to many of you and your situations, but I’m hoping that even more of you will be able to learn something about other families and what their situations may be!


This is Debbie and her 13-year-old son Asher. Their family currently lives in Amsterdam in The Netherlands! Parenting comes with trials and challenges no matter who you are, but for people like Debbie, sometimes our kids are wired differently, and that’s okay! Debbie has a new book coming out, “Differently Wired”, where she talks about these unique children! You can even download a sneak preview of her book by going to her website linked below. She also has a program/podcast called TiLT Parenting. Check it all out!


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