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EP 204: Reconnecting Through Homeschool with Cass Miller

EP 204: Reconnecting Through Homeschool with Cass Miller

If you’ve been a listener for a while, you know I’ve given a go to homeschooling in the past. People like Cass Miller are what has inspired me to give it another shot! Cass decided she wanted something different for her life and her family’s, so she stays home and teaches her children. Is homeschool something you’ve thought about, but you aren’t sure? This episode will give you some great insight and motivation if you decide it’s what is right for your family!

You can find Cass by heading to her website or heading to Instagram!

So you are thinking about homeschooling

Welcome to the marvelous Mom’s Club podcast where you’ll be not only allowed but encouraged to dream big dreams and imagine the very best future for yourself and your family throwaway expectations and perfection and embrace the messy beauty of what it means to be a marvelous mom.

I’m your host, Kirsten Tyrrel, and I can’t wait to help you discover what makes you marvelous. Hey everybody. Welcome to today’s episode. It’s gonna be a good one, particularly but not exclusively if you are a homeschooling parent because my guest today is somebody who I love and who, while she probably doesn’t even know how much I love her, I followed her. We’ve been internet friends since we both ran photography businesses which I’m not even sure she’s aware of that, but now our lives look very different and we’re aligning purposes in a different way. And I’m sure you guessed because I said It’s because of home schooling, and probably a myriad of other reasons, but to take… My guest is the beautiful Cats Miller. Thank you for being on here, I’m so excited to chat with you.

Oh, I’m so excited to be here.

Like you said, we’ve been internet friends for so long and our paths just kind of crossed here and there, so it’s exciting to finally be meeting up and catching up in this space.

And I can’t even recall did we go to the same high school even I’m not, I think we did were again so too, I think so we might… We weren’t friends in high school, I, I blocked out a lot of high school.

I mean, it’s been… It depends on how deep we’re going yeah, I blocked out a…

My friends are like, “Don’t you’re remember doing this… And I was like, “I don’t, No, I really don’t remember that exactly, but I do remember following your work when you were doing photography. I remember that phase just there was a lot of people doing it in Southern Utah, but at the same time it was kind of like you knew of everybody for the most part… Yeah, it seemed like a little bit a smaller back then. It’s grown a lot in this town.

Yeah, yeah.

Are you still pursuing that at all or is it just kind of something… Now you’re glad to have the skill, but you don’t use it in…

Yeah, I know I have this skill. I kind of stepped away from it when I had my third baby… And just kind of thought like I had a little break between as a full-time photographer was two kids, and then when I had my third baby, I thought I really wanted to take a maternity leave and just soak up that time and during that time, I just really felt called away from that business and into home and some other projects so where I intended that I thought I’d kinda go back and I just haven’t in led back there kind of yet, but I do still live to shoot and if I don’t pick up my camera after a while, I can tell I’m like, getting frustrated. So I love the creative outlet but as far as shooting clients in a business. It was just too big a baby for all the other babies I had.

I feel you. We’re skipping all the formalities I’m gonna have you introduce your family here in just a second, but okay, I can still remember doing that full-time in California and Southern California is a hot spot for photography because people vacation there and I was doing a couple of shoots back to back every day of the week, like five, six days a week and it was really good money, and it was so much fun. But it’s a lot of work, because then in addition to that, you’ve gotta edit and… You’ve gotta…Anyway. I, yeah, exactly, yeah and I don’t sleep.

Yeah, photographers are up till 3 in the morning, editing and then are up at seven with their kids. It’s a… It is not. I feel all the time, it’s true.

Okay, so let’s go back to the beginning and be a little bit of background in your mommy life. How many kids you have, their ages just so they kind of know what your household looks like right now.

Yeah, so I have four kids, my oldest Harlo, I have three girls, and then one baby boy at the end, which is kind of fun. So, Harlo my oldest just turned 10, Stella will be nine this summer and Grae turned five. Just barely, and major just turned three. They have birthdays right close together, so yeah.

They’re fun ages, they’re busy ages especially the younger, so we can have them separated with the older girls and the babies except for now, the babies are kinda hating being called the babies, but I… Yeah, the babies are a little handful and we’re really excited to have the big girls, they’re a lot of help.

I mean if you’re gonna have it in any order, it’s nice to have the girls first they’re like miniature mommies. It really is. Yeah, having these two kind of close together. I thought I was and it was crazy. At first one, I had those two babies, but now that I have two big helpers I’m like, “Oh that was maybe the smartest thing I ever did.

Yeah, right, exactly, okay, so I love it. I love the dynamic of your family. And I think that’s really important to note as we get into why I really wanted to have you on here.

There’s so many things I wanna talk to you about, but obviously the heart core of the reason I wanted to bring you on and drag a ton of information out of you is because you are a full-time home schooling mom. And I think I knew this, I’ve seen your home school set up, I’ve seen you post on social media, but when I really would like, for sure, I know you were doing it was when you guys were able to spend… How long was it like a month or a few weeks in Hawaii? Yeah, that’s so cool, I love to tell me.

Oh, no, I know, yeah, yeah, I’ll tell you a little bit kind of just even how we got into home school and that was kind of a goal that we had in mind, I’ll back up just a little bit with… We are actually just this year coming from the public school system, we were in public school system year and we made the big switch to home school. So that’s kind of a lot of people homeschool from the beginning, but we just kinda jumped right in, so it’s been a little bit of a sink or swim year. And sometimes I feel like I’m sinking, and sometimes I feel like I’m swimming but it’s been a really incredible journey. So you really… With the homeschooling was kind of planted in my heart. Now I see even as my girls were really young, but it was when my oldest went to kindergarten that we had, we just kind of had some unforeseen issues come up, and we were faced with abruptly homeschooling at that time, and so we finished out that first year of her school experience with home school, and while I did really like it, there was so much I liked about it, but because it was so abrupt, and she was my first… My oldest child I was pregnant, I think at the time with another baby, so I just felt like, Oh I didn’t know I didn’t felt like I was, I couldn’t sign on for that at that time.

So we decided to give it another go, with public school we were close to a really good public school, and so we did that for a couple of years and really we had our ups and downs there and our experiences there. Good, and that was all fine, but we just really felt just kind of this pull to a different type of life. It wasn’t one of those, This is terrible and we want something better. We just kind of like we just couldn’t help, there was this kind of this nagging for this different lifestyle. We felt like, Is this really what we intended, is this really what we are doing?

And so this year, after series of events last year, we decided this was gonna be the year that we would just kinda try it out. And it’s been an incredible experience, it’s really been interesting to really do that on purpose and to take a step from just what the normal thing is what you just did, without really thinking and kind of put a pause on all of that and say, Okay now we’re gonna do it on purpose, stepping forward.

Yeah, it’s kind of been a whole family effort it really has been with Home School, it’s been an adjustment for all of us. We’ve all had to learn a lot of new things and it’s been a really great growing experience for us. So, that’s been a cool thing, like I said, it’s been growing and there’s been struggle with that, too. Of course, it’s so much unknown for us. But yeah, it’s been an overall cool.

So with Hawaiia, we did want both my husband and I owned our own businesses, our whole marriage. And so, having that flexibility in our schedule, has always been kind of a pull for us, as entrepreneurs, we like that. And so with homeschooling. That was such a benefit.

So this year, yeah, like you said, we were able to spend about a month in Hawaii, our friends moved out their last year and we had never been and just really kinda wanted to go explore and thought this would be such a neat way to explore. So we studied Hawaii and Hawaiian culture and stuff a little bit before we went, and then while we were there, we were homeschooling, exploring the the whole… So went on different likes and look outs. And there’s just so much culture there and so much to learn about. It’s a totally different type of life that we live here.

And because we were able to go there for an extended amount of time, it seemed less like a vacation and more like, Okay, we’re kind of just plugging in and living here, living like locals for just a short little season. So it was amazing and it was kind of at that time where I thought, Okay, everything that has kind of been hard or an adjustment like This was what we were, what the pull was for. This is exactly, like we were kind of in our own lane at that point.

Yeah, I love that because there’s so many reasons not to do things that you feel a pull to do, right? And then once you… It’s kind of like that light at the end of the tunnel a little bit, but then you realize the tunnels still stretching on like You guys are nowhere near finished in your progression of finding your jam. But, to see that everything kind of fell in together. I’ve had those moments where you’re just like, Oh my gosh, I told my husband the other day, I’m like, it makes me sad how many people will probably never realize how incredibly joyful it feels to live your complete purpose and to have your own I don’t even know how to explain it without it just being a jumble of words, but you know your own focus, you know what you’re here to do, you know what your goals are and you’re living fully in a completely aligned space and it’s so amazing, and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come a struggles, it just means. Well, I know when struggles come I’m still where I’m supposed to be, and I’m heading in the right direction and I know exactly what I’m going to accomplish. It’s so crazy fun, I love it.

And I think sometimes there even is sometimes it seems like, Oh there’s even more struggle some in the beginning of it, you’re just like… Oh, now I kind of walked away from my masses and I’m just walking blindly, on my own path, but where there is still kind of struggle in that I feel like fulfillment just covers all of that up when you’re in your own path and doing what you’re really supposed to do and called to do the struggles that you have are kind of different because you feel fulfilled as you kind of overcome them.

It’s like you can acknowledge that they are your personal struggles just like the right compliments instead of… Oh, I’m just jumping over all the hurdles of life that everybody is expected to go through. It’s like, Yeah, I chose a path and I love that you defined it as on purpose because so much of what we do is just circumstantial and because this is just the way things are and that’s not even to say that homeschool is for everybody, it’s just for you. It was that moment of realizing, Oh my gosh, I actually get to decide this and I don’t have to just follow what is the norm. I get to decide for myself what I want for my life, how I wanna raise my children. And a lot of people never really step into that even if their deliberate decision is public school, do they really actually make the decision, do they just go with the flow, right?

It’s kind of interesting. And I really found myself in that position ’cause like I said, we did say, We’re gonna do the public school saying I felt like, like I said, I was kind of overwhelmed about homeschool, I didn’t really know anyone who home-school at that time, so it was just so foreign and so, public school seemed safer, it seemed more familiar to us but it was kind of that way. Our days were so full and so busy with things and obligations, and appointments that we had to be at, and just different events that were happening all over, all over the place, and for a couple of years, we were just really running that race. But at one point, I kinda started thinking like… But about this, do I really want to do and what do I really want my days look like is this even… I kinda got to a place where I was like, I didn’t expect it to feel like this I didn’t expect it to really look like this. And why… What change? Yeah, yeah, so that’s kinda when we went back to the drawing board. And it has been a really cool experience to be like, to kind of create… It’s been a little overwhelming with I kinda say With freedom comes responsibility.

Oh yeah, but if you can kinda get used to that a little bit. It’s been really freeing to really design our day and design the way that we want our life to look and our family culture to be just kinda… Like I said, just be really on purpose, about all of them. So it’s kinda been our goal this year as a whole family that we just really wanna live on purpose. And so that’s been the theme kind of overall on all aspects.

I love even just the phrase live on purpose because you hear the people use that in their branding all the time purposeful this and whatever, but I love even just the phrase on purpose sounds like on brand, right, everything is an alignment and I love that. Literally just making that decision in that keyword right there, applying to everything you do, keeps everything cohesive. So even though it’s a different kind of chaos, it’s still chaos that’s leading you in the direction that you’ve decided ahead of time to go.

Totally it’s really… And we can refer back to that when it does feel chaotic, we can say. Okay, did we choose this is this what we’re doing on purpose and we can always use that as our to ground us. Okay, yes, we did choose this, so we’re gonna keep going forward or we didn’t choose this, do we need to re-figure out our circumstances? So it’s kind of a good thing I think to check yourself and make sure that you’re always doing the things, that seem on purpose for you.

Yeah, so I know you kind of explained this it was just kind of a gradual process of you felt this pull this nagging sensation, what kind of open your eyes to this being maybe the possibility because I know a lot of times there’s so many people who listen to this podcast or part of this community and just people I meet all the time who are like, I feel really called to do something. I’m not sure what it is, but I know I have something I’m supposed to do. Maybe it’s building a business, maybe it’s this or that. How did you kind of do because you’d been an entrepreneur… Do you think it was the entrepreneurial side of you, that was inclined to do this? Because you knew that you could do it ’cause you’ve done other things. Or how did you kind of know that was the window you needed to crawl through?

Well, okay, so like I said, I kinda feel like… Now when I look back, I see that there were some seeds planted, and so that’s kind of… I had some experiences like one thing as a photographer when my girls were little too little to be even thinking about school I shot a client, they were home school family, and they were just me.

We hit it off, we totally connected. I was a birth photographer and so I was able, I was on this journey with them through these kind of intimate experiences and I love, I loved the way that they’re family interacted. I loved it was just so inspiring to me and I think that really was where I was like, it seemed like it was in line with what I was already doing at home with my little babies like I was already teaching them, we were doing our life together. And I love that.

And I was seeing that these older kids were still in on that, and weren’t separate from that. And so that was kind of initially kind of what I was like. Wow, this is beautiful. I had never seen a home-schooling family really before closely that wasn’t my life growing up at all, so that kid was initially where I thought I… Maybe that would be for me, but I didn’t. It was still so far that was kind of hippie gypsy at the time.

Yeah, and I did. I will back up to say my first baby I had… Similarly, as this experience is I just kinda had in the hospital, like my sisters, my friends did, and then after that I just I thought I felt like there was something a little more for me and I had my next baby naturally at home and I think that for me was the first time I felt like I had this nagging of, I think there was more from that experience that I was supposed to have, and then I really chased after that feeling and had this home birth in a… And I, while that Birth of course, it was a natural birth. So, there was challenging elements to it. It was such an experience, like it was one of those awakening experiences that I know that I just was needed to have, in my life, it was something that I needed to heal and all the things and so I did feel that way, that was my first experience of walking into my own path, where I had, I didn’t really know anyone else who had done it, but I felt called to do this thing that couldn’t explain. I had this inner knowing, and for me, I feel like I’m a spiritual person and I came into faith kind of as an adult, but as I have kind of learned to recognize those I feel like it’s like this where over the spirit tapping or the universe calling, whatever anyone calls that for themselves. But as I’ve learned to kind of recognize that, tapping and locked toward it, I feel like I’ve always, it’s always been fruitful. It’s always for me. And so I have tried in those times that was now almost nine years ago when I had that home birth. And so that lesson really taught me to answer those nagging. And I feel like that kind of opened up the way I mother I couldn’t just fall of someone else I really had to just follow my gut and listen to my own instincts and I pray about it, a lot and ask for guidance that way and to try to listen for those in title calls. And so when I realized that I had always wanted to homeschool, I had that little taste of homeschooling in the beginning, I liked it that I was too scared, I just didn’t have, I felt like I didn’t have the support or the courage or whatever but a couple of years later. Well, I lost my sister, last year, and I think that that overwhelming grief kind of launched this. I can’t live one more minute of not doing exactly what I wanna do.

Yeah, I can’t anything that doesn’t totally fit with our happy life and where we want to be going and the direction we’re heading I wanna change it. And that’s when I felt like I had the courage to kind of stay home schooling has been on my radar for all of this time. And I think it’s time.

Yeah, it really did, it just aligned for us. I knew it was time, so I just kinda answered that call, and it’s been, like I said, it’s been worth it, it’s been fruitful, there hasn’t struggle with it. Of course, we’re going on this uncharted territory, but it’s been amazing. It’s the experiences that we have had this year had just been the experiences for us.

So yeah, home school, maybe not. Is it for everyone? But I know that these things that we’re uncovering are that for us.

Yeah, I love that so much, and I think it’s important for everybody to hear and they hear this with so many different episodes and different backgrounds and stories and what people are doing with their lives, that it is an evolutionary process. It’s not… You woke up one day. Sometimes I feel like that’s how it is for me. I wake up one day and I’m like, “I’m gonna do this today, and this is gonna be my new life purpose and I… Yeah, I think some of us have those moments where we’re like I’m gonna completely change the way I eat, I’m gonna completely change the way that I have spirituality in my life and I’m just gonna do that day and then it’s gonna be great, but it really… Anything that sticks and anything that becomes purposeful it takes a process of opening your heart and changing a little bit to create space for that because I even told my husband and I started introducing the idea of homeschool again, to him. And I know I mentioned this to you, that we had a rough experience the first time we tried it a couple of years ago, and it was, I think, both of us reverted to that experience. When I brought home school up again, I was really scared to even say the word in our house and that, but it was just such a spiritual thing and it was such a prompting, that I was like… I’m supposed to do this and I don’t… Logistically, know how I’m going to do this because we both work from home. We ran a really busy business and we have high-energy children, we just do, and our oldest is the one who I really, really value homeschool with. But is gonna be the most challenging. And so when I brought this out to him, I said, Understand, I know that we’re not in the current circumstances to make this as magical as I wanna make this. I know they’re gonna have to be changes I know that our focus is gonna have to shift, but it’s incredible to see how after me, leaning into, and just starting to prepare for that everything sort of lined up and I’m not saying, “Oh the stars align and now our house is perfectly ready.

I actually I… And put through the fire with… You’re gonna be challenged, you’re gonna be at your maximum in your business, you’re gonna realize that you have to pull back. And so it’s like I had to go through this entire Tunnel of fire to come out on the other end and be like, I see, now I have the full vision of what I need, I feel more prepared and now I’m gonna create the space to make this happen.

So, and I was at… I know it’s cool.

Yeah, and I felt like that too, when we were really walking into it, just like I’m sure your husband my husband was kind of like, “Are you sure we run our businesses? My San does own a business here in town, but he runs another business from home and I run my businesses, for him, so we are working from home a lot. So, it did kinda seem like, “Can we really do this? And so I definitely relate to those feelings that things just kind of did. They just kind of did work out. And somehow we have found this flow. I always say in the summer, you would have to figure it out anyways when your kids are just going to school, so it’s kind of like that… You just, in the summer, but then you have to figure out how to live and all live together and when you don’t have an interruption where that’s not being interrupted all the time, your kids aren’t leaving and then coming back and relearning how to get back into the flow of your family, it’s kind of that really ends up being helpful for you. So it’s amazing how kids can kind of adapt and how they kinda get into a new group with cool too, yeah.

So how did you guys kind of I guess how did you evolve into the space of having a more traumatic experience the first time, and then being willing to step into it, how did you create a better experience the second time around? And that it had more longevity and it’s for all the children now compared to a few years ago when you tried it. So I will say that the first time when we tried it, then we went back to school. There were still elements of homeschool that I really liked have that environment of learning and peace, and I try to incorporate that as much as I could still even while the girls were in public school, and so I tried to keep that home environment maintained that as much as I could, and so I feel like that was maybe helpful. We kept our read a lot, we have always been a pretty reading family, and so that kind of stuff, we just were like, “We’re just gonna do more of what we do with homeschool. So I feel like that was helpful to do. I kept my eye on the homeschool how homeschool moms were doing it even when I wasn’t homeschooling and I feel like that was so beneficial to me. I homeschool moms. They have to figure out how to get their kids to get along. And so when my kids are in public school, I was still looking like How do you guys have this peaceful family? And I was taking notes from them a lot. Yeah, and now I see that that was kind of a preparation for me and I didn’t realize it at the time, I was just, I wanted to know how they told their kids to do things without yelling at them and the kids did it.

It part that works sometimes. Yeah, but you have to figure, but you have to end up figuring those things out in your home school. No one wants a chaotic house, your kids don’t either. And so I feel like that was helpful but the biggest advice that I got when we were starting homeschool is just to keep things so simple. That’s what everyone said and I was like, “Okay yeah, but they’re already used to school so I’ll probably just go ahead and get six subjects a day, and they’re like, “No simple, simple, simple, simple, like reading, writing, and arithmetic, if that’s just kind of what you focus on for a little bit. And then the rest is just kind of like behavioral and habits. That’s a big… Now that I got into school, I’m really so glad that people pounded that into my head, because overwhelm would be really so real and it’s just not… So this year we did we kept it really simple, and focused on… We had our few things that we were focusing on, but a lot of the things we were just focusing on in family and learning how to live this life. Yeah, and we prioritize that is just as valuable as anything. So we had a math program, we stuck to, we found the curriculum that we knew would fit into a culture that we were hoping to create here, and which is not an EEO. I’m just gonna drop that in there right now, ’cause it’s the one.

Yeah, ’cause you’re kind of showing more had been recommended before, but seeing it on your stories with the actual curriculum. Look, like I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s the aesthetic that I wanna build in our home. It’s like you wanna use to the traditional Just beauty of education, and it’s fantastic. So I just had to drop that in A… And it’s wondering what you did to… Yeah, what were you as an yet? The good and the beautiful, and it just, it really is open and go. So I think for a new home schooling on…

I really liked that because I was like the less on print, just I was trying to figure out still how to do all of this so the least I had to prepare for things the better. So, yeah, the good and the beautiful, which just has it all laid out for us. I know that we’re not falling behind as long as I just kinda follow the curriculum that’s taking Tara for me and then just my job is just to kind of love and teach the hearts of my children, and I just think that it’s such a beautiful job that I’ve been called to. There has been times where I’m so overwhelmed or I’m talked out, or I just need a moment’s piece. But in those moments, I just realized too… How I just… I’m so grateful for it, I’m just grateful for this set of struggles. Of course, we’re all gonna have our things that we have to manage and juggle. But this one just seems like the one that’s right for us. Yeah, yeah, I totally understand that, absolutely.

And I think a lot of other people can relate to that, even if they’re not in the exact same path of life, if they’re not homeschooling. I think just being completely immersed in your life situation right now in the stage that you’re in, and we hear this all the time, like enjoy it because it goes so fast, but it’s true and it’s like, if you are in this season, then immerse yourself in the season. And the thing I love about the homeschool ideology is, you really do fully immerse yourselves in your children’s childhood you are in it, you’re creating you’re actively creating it and participating in it.

So yeah, it really is. And just really kind of at the beginning of our parenting and motherhood it’s just like that. We have these babies, the word learning by them with their first steps and we’re kind of doing that so it really is just the homeschooling is such an extension of parenting. You hear that a lot, but it is, it has opened a whole opportunity for my family to really be together and just kind of create that time together and create the life and childhood that we want for our kids and that we all wanted together as a family.

We only have this certain amount of time together and we just wanna use that as wise as we can. Yeah, yeah, well I think the thing that I can pull away the most from you that I admire about you, and I think probably people see in you is just that sense of purpose.

It didn’t just start when you decided to home school that you’ve really made a decision to lean into happiness like finding the joy in the situations ’cause you’ve been through hardship, all of us who’ve gone through some situations that could… There’s so many people who choose to dwell and sit in that zone of that. Things happen to me. So I’m gonna stay in this victim mentality. I’m gonna stay here in this place right because it becomes a comfort zone even though it’s actually really horrible and uncomfortable and I love that you’re kind of setting that tone for your life in your future, with your children is leaning into the joy. I know you mentioned losing your sister, but still finding look at how you found the beauty in that and how you opened up your heart instead of closing it off to new opportunities.

I love that about you, all that little sweet of you to say I really appreciate that. I hope that that is kind of the overall I hope that’s what my kids will take away as they are leaving the nest, that really all we’ve always tried to do is walk toward a happy whole life, and we’ve never stopped walking in that direction, no matter what has come, I think it’s, I think they’ll pick it up. I think you’re in their face enough that… And I, yeah, right, yeah. Now, I’ve made it really hard for them to ignore me. Exactly, and I wanted to actually say that too. You’ve mentioned on Instagram before, and this is something I really loved because everybody feels like it’s such a big commitment and it’s like kind of a black and white situation and it is, it’s a big commitment, but I love that. You mentioned like, we’re trying this for a year, we’re seeing if this is the right fit for us, and nothing has to be forever, you can always change your mind, you can always go back to school, you can always figure out a better fit for your family and I love that you kind of leave that door open because I know the reason my heart open to homeschool was because of this podcast. My husband is probably stop interviewing home school moms because got a… I think that I go on your changing I like…

Yeah, I Oh, so, but it is, I feel like that’s how my head right, he’s stopping up or doors, I make of all these things you’re trying to do that it, it is so true. I know there’s people listening to this who we’re not trying to convert you, all the homeschool life, but there is opportunity there. And if you’re thinking it’s like Oh but my life will end or I lose on how many moms do her say, “I can never do that, I can never have the patient or I can never have the time or the… And I can promise you guys that you do and you will, and you’re a lot more cape. I’m probably the most impatient mother in the entire world, and I’m sure neighbor here, think we all feel a… Yeah, nobody is like, I’m the most peaceful mother and I create such a culture, of just… Nobody’s ever made. Nobody really is a case. We’re in here feeling we’re in here feeling the inadequate were in her feeling. The inpatient.

So, yeah, no one feels like that, but it’s amazing what you can do. I know some people who I had said like, “Oh I would never homeschool.

And then their kids faced a problem in school that they kind of had to homeschool. And so, it’s amazing what you’re willing to do when you really have to… And if you think it’s best for your family, it’s amazing what you would…

I think you’d be surprised what you would be willing to do if you felt like it was the best in a acolytes, opening up to the possibility. So maybe we’re a little bit… Maybe I’m a little bit trying to get more people on the bandwagon ’cause it is such a fun lifestyle and we just have so much more to talk about if everybody would just help a… Yeah, it’s the more the merrier, exactly.

Well, okay, I know you’ve been blogging for a while. Tell everybody where they can find you if they wanna follow along with your homeschool journey or anything else that you do if they just love being in your presence.

Yes, just past, Miller dot com is where you can follow along with our family on our lifestyle blog, we kind of take you along for the journey, just as Mackay. And then my final question, actually, I’m gonna ask you two questions, number one: what are you reading right now? Because I know when you’re homeschooling, it kind of invokes this passion for learning, for yourself again. And I personally can’t stop reading stuff for myself. So what are you reading on that? Gosh, I’m like, “Yeah I have a few stacks of books. I know, of course, I have to… I got a shout-out to Rachel Hollis we should all be reading her newest book, which is amazing. So that’s kind of like my guilty… Need time where I get amped up for just like, “Okay this is just my own little section of my self.

And then other than that, I… It’s mostly homeschool books that I had been slipping through. One that I’ve really liked recently, which is just a memoir of someone’s homeschooling. Their mother had experience, which is called near motherhood by Sandy Rollins and I loved it. Hesitant really, anything preacher anything like that. It was just kind of her experience, and I love, I think is a blogger maybe, but I just love taking peeks inside other people’s life, especially when they’re different from my own, and have kind of a different experience, so I really… I love memoirs and so I’ve loved that home. So, Marcel awesome, I love it. I will link to all those in the show notes and link to her blog linked her on social, so you guys can follow-cast and get to know her a little bit better. And then my final question is what makes you a marvelous mom?

Oh man, I was hoping to time prepared for this question. And of course everyone you forget.

Oh, and well I hope just like we were saying is that I hope that what my kids take away from meeting a marvelous mom is that I have gotten up every single day and tried and tried to walk myself and all of our family in a good, happy direction and that I just have prioritized, I make it a point to prioritize my family and that the life that we’re living above everything else… And I hope that as the years I’ll come to a close, and my kids are flying off into the world that that will be overall, what was worth it that I just loved my kids completely for the whole entire time they were in it. That’s such a beautiful answer you are so inspiring. Thank you for chatting with me today. It’s just good, you guys align yourselves with people who get you, and who are in a like-minded space because there’s nothing more powerful and hopefully you get a little taste of that here on the Marvelous moms club podcast, listening to these incredible women who are willing to share their stories and their hearts, but outside of here, find people to connect with, who will kinda give you permission to live the life that you wanna live and find people to inspire you to achieve the dreams that you wanna create for your family. And that’s exactly what I’ve done here with casts for myself. So thanks again for being a guest, you’re amazing, thanks so much for having me, of course. All right guys, thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you on the next episode have a marvelous day thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you wanna take action right now, you’re feeling inspired and you’re filling enlightened, and you really wanna own this role as a marvelous mom.

Go to the website, marvelous Mom’s Club dot com for me and create your own personal marvelous mom’s manifesto that is marvelousmomsclub.Com. You go fill in some great information and in the end, you’ll have a beautiful manifesto to display where only you can see… Or the whole family can see where you can really, really own your role as a marvelous mom and step inside those goals and those ambitions and dreams that you have to become an even more marvelous mom to your beautiful family.

So again, marvelous moms club dot com me, we will see you over there..


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