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EP 220: Let’s Get Woo-Woo!

EP 220: Let’s Get Woo-Woo!

Hey ladies- it’s Five Minute Friday- your favorite day of the week!

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with you all about raising your vibration- which yes- is a little WOO WOO! But if you’ve never been introduced to these concepts before, it’s high time I hosted the introduction.

I’ve gotten a lot more in tune with my own energy and meditation lately and it’s really quite exciting when you realize the power you have to create different experiences from the exact space you may find yourself in!

Today on this episode I’m sharing ways you can raise your vibration quickly- including one instant relief practice that took me from gloom to JOY in a matter of seconds! It’s a great one- cuz aren’t they all? Let’s chat!


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