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EP 222: Back to Business Mama!

EP 222: Back to Business Mama!

Hey mamas! Anyone up for starting a business? What about ramping up the one you already have? If you are looking for a resource that will help get you back in the drivers seat of your business after a long and fun summer- this is THE place to be.

Today I’m sharing my passion for CREATING and how the same power we use to create for our families can also be harnessed to create income for our families!

Listen in to hear about the Back to Business Summit with Michelle Gifford that I’m teaching at this month. A free online Summit where you can learn from home- from 17 of the most amazing female entrepreneurs out there!

I’m excited to share the genius of starting a podcast and will be sharing my top tips for HOW you can do this and why you NEED to if you are eager to share your message and build some authority in your space.

Can’t wait to party with you at the summit!




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