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EP 234: Oops I Did it Again!

EP 234: Oops I Did it Again!

Have you ever had a big idea, then changed your mind really fast? I have had so many big changes lately and they are all starting to make me feel claustrophobic! On the one hand I can see clearly how to make everything work- and on the other I have no idea how to squeeze enough juice out of my time lemon to make it all happen. I feel like I’ve traded one super power for another, and they simply can’t coexist!

I have always been a pusher and a hustler. It’s in my nature. And lately I’ve been feeling more of a desire to just BE and be calm and ok with the natural flow of life. It’s an insanely hard shift. But one I’m starting to make. And in the process, I’ve gotten really honest with what is most important and where I should be spending my time as a business owner.

So tune in to today’s episode, because I’m talking about a cool retreat I went to in Destin a couple weeks ago, and how it changed everything for me and what I want to do going forward!




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