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EP 238: Singing Again!

EP 238: Singing Again!

Hey moms! Today is a BONUS episode- intended to be a Five Minute Friday but I had a LOT to say. This episode was recorded after a few others that are coming in the very near future- and you can FEEL the energy shift in my voice.

And my voice is the exact topic of conversation today. I had a really amazing experience in Florida last month and wanted to share it publicly. And this is just one of many wonderful moments- but it was life changing and I never want to forget it!

This picture was taken at the bonfire after the most amazing experience I’ve had on a beach in a while.

Have you given up on any of your outlandish dreams from the past? Would the child version of you KICK YOU if she saw you ignoring your passion and potential right now?

We all grow up and face reality and start being “responsible” but it is truly glorious and magical when we let the free spirit of our childhood dreams emerge.

Tune in to hear how I went from dancing on the beach to hearing words from a perfect stranger that I’d waited to hear for many, many years.


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