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Episode 002: Interview with Mompreneur extraordinaire, Tara Williams

Episode 002: Interview with Mompreneur extraordinaire, Tara Williams

Tara Williams, who is one of my favorite mompreneurs is on the podcast today! My first interview which is very fitting because she was the biggest inspiration to me for starting a podcast. She and her husband Justin have 3 beautiful kids and 4 successful businesses including their amazing podcast 8 Minute Millionaire.  Tara’s voice and attitude has inspired me to be my best self and I love the way she approaches motherhood and life in general.  Enjoy this interview with one of the most MARVELOUS moms in the world! 🙂Interview with Mompreneur extraordinaire Tara Williams- Tara is on the podcast talking about business and motherhood! Click here to listen in...

8 Minute Millionaire 

Show Notes:

1:55 What I admire most about Tara

2:25 Who can be on this podcast anyway? 

3:09 No Boys allowed! 

3:25 Pieces of Tara’s story

4:45 What Tara thinks life is all about

6:00 I have a name! And a voice!

7:20 What do I do with the hours in my day? 

8:00 Do you eat Facebook or TV donuts?

8:35 Tara’s big prayer with a fast answer

9:55 How Tara gets into her “genius zone”

11:30 How does Tara deal with mom guilt?

12:15 Women! We only have one plate!

14:15 Letting go of doing it all! 

15:15 I can’t do it all and I have to be ok with that! 

18:29 What Makes Tara a Marvelous Mom? 

The Mompreneur Post on 8 Minute Millionaire 

Women! We only have 1 plate! We are talking about all our roles and responsibilities as moms and how to juggle and prioritize come listen in as Tara Williams shares her secret

No boys allowed...

Foolproof way to get into your genius zone- how to be more productive and find your flow- Tara shares it all on the podcast today come listen in!


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