What is the Marvelous Mom’s Club?
Glad you asked! It’s an awesome club full of moms just like you, and from all other walks of life!  It’s a place to be inspired, to laugh and maybe even (sometimes) cry and realize that you are NOT alone in this crazy journey of motherhood!

Who can join?
That’s the best part- anyone who holds the title of “Mom”. So if that’s something you like to call yourself, you’re in!

What will I get?
A lifetime supply of joy and happiness! Ok that would be the ideal, but in all honesty you are going to make friends from all over the place, feel supported and uplifted by other women who have and are still walking in your shoes. You’ll gain perspective and insight from moms who might do things a little differently than you and be given all types of tools to add to your mommy tool belt!

Who’s the Club President?
Your podcast host and proud marvelous mom, Kirsten Tyrrel!  🙂 You can read more about me HERE. I’m insanely happy you are here and want to get to know each of you personally! I’m constantly inspired by other moms and love meeting new people and making friends across the globe!

Where can I follow the club?
The website is a great place to start! You can listen to the podcast, read blog posts see all the exciting things happening at Marvelous Moms Club! We are also on instagram and twitter where you can find us @marvelousmomsclub, and of course, on itunes via The Marvelous Moms Club Podcast! Also available on stitcher radio, google play etc.  Want to really get to know your fellow marvelous moms? Join the community on Facebook! We have a private moms page as well as a community page where you can ask questions, share feedback and keep up all things Marvelous!