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Houseplants the Easy Way

Houseplants the Easy Way

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Anyone else a plant mom? The kind that buys humidifiers for their tropical plant room, and has a bright, direct sunlight room for cacti? Or are you looking to grow your collection beyond that cactus your mother gave you last year? Plants bring so much happiness in our lives, and can be a fun activity to do with your kids, while encouraging gross and fine motor skills!

Four is More!

Looking to expand your collection? Here is a four pack you can add to your collection, whether they are some of your household favorites or a new challenge to your botanical experience. This collection is even approved by NASA to be some of the best plants to provide clean air in your indoor living space!

The Easiest of all Plants- Air Plants!

If you are not certain about the houseplants above, then take a smaller step and try out air plants! These need little moisture and little attention. Easy as icebox pie!

Spritz Away!

This spritzer makes us feel like Victorian socialites, while maintaining our plants without over-watering. Prevent root rot with spritzing, or help moisten your tropical plant leaves that need it most!

Hang it Up, Mom!

Do you love your plants, but your children are too “grabby”? Or are floor plants at risk by your child who likes to “help” by watering your plants with Sprite? Hanging planters can save any plant from any child, while maintaining a nice aesthetic!

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