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How to Do New York with Kids

How to Do New York with Kids

New York is such a fun and vibrant city to visit! But sometimes parents are hesitant taking their kids to such a big city. Will they like it? What can they do to keep their kids entertained? Our family visited New York last year and we loved it! We jam packed our days to see the most important things but also made sure our kids had a good time too. Here’s how to do New York with kids so everyone is happy!

Visit Famous Landmarks

When visiting New York, you really must visit some of the famous historic landmarks. Even if it might be boring for your kids, it’s important to learn a little history. Here are a few that you might want to consider: the Salute of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, National September 11 Memorial, Carnegie Hall, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, Union Square, and many more! Look them all up and pick a few that are important for you to see and some that the kids might enjoy. Make your trip a learning experience too!

A few of our favorite places we loved visiting were taking a boat ride to see Lady Liberty! We also loved the 911 Memorial, and walking past other cool buildings like the Plaza Hotel, the beautiful cathedrals, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center.

Keep in mind the ages of your children and make your plans accordingly. 

Go to a Broadway Show

Yes, Broadway shows are expensive. But, Broadway shows are out of this world amazing! We splurged on Aladdin tickets for our whole family and we are so glad we did! We weren’t sure if it would hold their interest and if it would be worth the price. But we all came out of the show with huge smiles! The costumes, songs, and scenery of Broadway shows is top notch. It will definitely be worth the investment! 

There are so many family friendly Broadway show options. Do some research about each show first and YouTube trailers that you can watch to get a feel for what the show entails. And then vote as a family. Make it a family decision and everyone will be more invested. 

Eat Good Food

The best part about traveling is always the food. Always. And there are so many great food options in New York! From hot dog vendors to treats to pizza to fancy sit down dinners. Take a look on Yelp in any area you’re spending time in and you’re bound to find delicious eats! 

One of our absolute favorite spots was Levain Bakery. If you’re a chocolate lover, get a fresh chocolate chip brioche and you will think you died and went to heaven!

Public Transit

The best way to experience New York City is by public transit! Whether it’s subway, taxi, or double decker bus, it will definitely help you get a great feel for being a true New Yorker. 


Make sure to have fun and let your kids play! Whether that’s going to a fun toy store like FAO Swartz or playing on the playground in Central Park, let them be kids! They will be so much happier if you plan a time in the day that they get to play.

Don’t let visiting a big city like New York intimidate you. Do a little research, stick to the basics, and you and your kids will have a great time!

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