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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling to new places can be such an enriching experience! But when you get sick on your vacation, it is the worst!! Last year alone, our family traveled to 17 countries, so we have had our fair share of sicknesses but also avoided lots of sicknesses. Here is how you can stay healthy when traveling so you can enjoy the most of your trip!

Take Probiotics

When we were in Australia, four out of six of our family got hit with a tummy bug. It hit us hard and it hit us fast. We did not want to experience that again, so we did lots of research on how to have a healthy tummy when traveling. The verdict: take probiotics! And it works! We never got another big tummy bug the rest of the time we traveled that year. Take probiotics daily so you have a healthy gut. And when you’re introduced to bad bacteria, it won’t hit your system as hard.

When you do get hit with an upset stomach, charcoal pills are a great way to absorb that gross feeling. We also love and use Digestzen essential oil blend for any tummy issues. We don’t travel anywhere without our probiotics, charcoal pills, and Digestzen!

Bring Sanitizer with You Everywhere

When you’re traveling, you come in contact with so many types of bacteria, dirt, and germs. Think about all the things you’re touching in public transit, at restaurants, museums, and anywhere in between! If you want to stay healthy, bring sanitizer with you everywhere. Put it in your pocket, purse, or backpack. You can make your own by using water and Onguard essential oil or you can buy one. Either way, just do it!

Wash Your Hands

Whenever you get the chance, wash your hands. When you’re at a restaurant or restroom, slip in and wash your hands. Sanitizer is great, but a thorough hand wash with soap and warm water is the best.

Avoid Certain Foods & Drinks

If you’re traveling to developing countries, there are certain foods and drinks to avoid. Never eat fruits or vegetables that haven’t been cooked or peeled. You don’t know how the produce was washed and with what type of water. So, some examples of produce to avoid in certain countries are: lettuce, strawberries, apples, grapes, tomatoes…anything that isn’t peeled or cooked.

Also, don’t drink the water unless it is filtered or bottled. That goes for the ice too! An easy way to get sick in a developing country is to drink the water and that is no fun! That also means that you shouldn’t brush your teeth with tap water. Just keep a bottle or cup of filtered water right by the sink for convenience.

Taking these precautions when traveling is inconvenient but so worth it! Don’t spend your vacation sick inside when you can be out exploring. Be smart and have fun!

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling


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