About Marvelous Moms Club


I have always been incredibly passionate about motherhood, before I even became one. I longed for the role of motherhood very early on and could hardly wait to have kids of my own! I was the oldest of 4 girls and with big age gaps I was always the ring leader. I created camps, clubs, played school and was always bringing to life some of my greatest imaginations. So, naturally, I imagined I’d be that type of mother. Full of adventure, always teaching my kids, raising the most perfect kids ever. And I wouldn’t let anyone tell me differently.

Fast forward a few years and several reality checks later I found myself depressed and ashamed of some of my mothering skills or lack thereof.  I knew some things had to change. I stopped blaming my kids for the type of mother I was and started owning my own weaknesses and flaws. And something else, something bigger than that, I started owning my AWESOMENESS! I had asked close friends what they saw to be my biggest strengths or skills were and every single one mentioned my mothering on their lists and that I was a fun mom with passion for my kids and a talent for making even the smallest moments very big. I was really overwhelmed when I realized the things I felt were normal were actually a big deal to other moms. So I started listening to their words, believing that yes, I am actually a pretty good mom.  But I acknowledged that I had a LOT of growing to do. And I wanted to inspire and remind other moms that they are doing a much better job than they might think. Enter…The Marvelous Moms Club!

Somewhere along the way we get convinced by the world that this “motherhood” thing is way harder than we could ever imagine and that we’re never going to master it so just do your best. Which is more than true. I fully agree it’s got the biggest learning curve out there. But I also believe we are selling ourselves (and our kids) short by not fighting to be as close to perfect as possible! Now I’m not talking about picture perfect, or Instagram illusion here. I’m talking about working towards that vision we had of ourselves as mothers long before our babies were born or placed in our arms. I’m talking about the dream we had long ago to be teachers, nurturers, patient, loving and soft spoken mothers willing to walk through fire for our kids. How many of us are still picturing that woman in our minds? How many of us are slowly giving up? Too many!

I love a good mom blog as much as the next woman but I noticed a recurring theme in many of them. “It’s OK to be just hanging in there….you’re not perfect, cut yourself a break”. Again, totally agree…but I think rather than make excuses or whine about how HARD this job is we should be rejoicing and relishing in it! Even the hard days. I think through our tears we should be overflowing with gratitude that we’ve been given this divine role to raise children and to grow as they grow. To learn as they learn and to constantly work to be the mothers they deserve!  To go to bed with peace knowing we did do our absolute best!

The podcast, website and instagram will all serve as tools to remind you, rejuvenate you and inspire you to be the Marvelous Mom I know you are. It’s a place to hear stories from moms of all walks of life, to gain insight into ways other moms are rocking their role and to start dreaming again and believing in yourself!

Kirsten Tyrrel

Founder, Creator, Dreamer